Magic Johnson’s statement of conviction, “It’s the first time in 44 years that I’ve seen this…”The fans must have been disgusted.”

“It’s been 44 years since I came to the NBA. It is the first time that Boston, a famous family, has shown this way. Significant changes are needed.”

Former NBA player Magic Johnson criticized the Boston Celtics for their performance.

Magic Johnson, considered one of the best point guards of all time, is a legend for the Los Angeles Lakers. Boston’s rival team is Legend.먹튀검증

Why did he sympathize with the fans of rival clubs and feel sorry for them. This is because Boston’s performance was beyond regrettable and disastrous. No matter how much fans of rival clubs were worried about them.

Boston lost 102-128 in Game 3 of the 2023 NBA Playoff East Final Miami Heat at Casaya Center on the 22nd. Series all 0-3. De facto eliminated series. A team that was trailing 0-3 has never won a series in NBA history.

The difference in scores was 26 points, but Boston fans felt much more discouraged.

The biggest problem in the game was the attitude of the players. He seemed to have given up the game from the third quarter. I didn’t jump and fight at all. He fired meaningless three-point shots and did not defend.

Simply put, he gave up the game. In a season-long playoff game. Magic Johnson said on social media, “It’s been 44 years since I joined the NBA. I’ve never seen anything like this before. “It’s the first time I’ve seen a famous Boston team that won 17 times give up in the middle of the game,” he said.

“Celtics fans all over the world must have been disgusted to see that scene. Would have fallen into despair at the same time. Miami took the third game 102-128,” he said.

He threw a bone in his mouth. “It’s time for Boston Celtics to make a significant change,” he said.

The changes Johnson talked about mean the trade of Jaelen Brown or the replacement of coach Joe Mazula. For now, Boston is certain to be eliminated. Their performance and attitude were disastrous. Changes are urgently needed to aim higher next season. As Johnson said, Boston’s performance was only “the first of 44 years.” The famous Bostonians gave up the game.

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