‘Lucky Debut Goal’ Cha Seung-hyun “I hope my grandmother sees it in heaven”

Cha Seung-hyeon (23, Seoul E-Land), who scored his debut goal as a pro, remembered his grandmother. 

Seoul E-Land beat Bucheon FC 1995 and Hana One Q K League 먹튀검증2 2023 8th round 1-0 at Bucheon Sports Complex on the 18th at 7pm. Seoul E-Land (7 points), which earned its second win of the season, was ranked 10th out of 13 K-League 2 teams. 

Seoul E-Land’s right fullback Cha Seung-hyun broke the balance of the tense zero. Cha Seung-hyun passed to Yoo Jeong-wan in the 34th minute and entered the penalty box. At that time, Bucheon’s wingback Yoo Seung-hyun cleared the ball, and the ball hit Cha Seung-hyun’s foot and was sucked into the goal. It was a ‘lucky goal’. 

Cha Seung-hyun, who faced the reporters after the game, said, “I’m up to the 16th round of the FA Cup, but I lost the game against Chungnam-Asan and the flow fell, so I thought today’s game was the point. I thought I had to win because I had to win today and ride a good flow.” 

Cha Seung-hyun, who entered his professional stage in the 2023 season, scored his debut goal in 4 games. He said, “My parents came to the stadium and said hello after the game, and since my relatives also like soccer, I think they watched it on TV. Thank you for supporting me” and “My older sister also watches TV in Japan. I remember the people I am grateful for. He scored his professional debut goal as promised by his grandmother as a child. I hope to see you in heaven.” 

Cha Seung-hyun said that when he was young, his parents worked together, so he spent a lot of time with his grandmother. After scoring his first goal in his professional career, he did not forget to say hello to his grandmother, who raised him. 

Cha Seung-hyun, who scored his first goal against Bucheon, had good memories before. He made his debut last month against Bucheon in the second round of the FA Cup, contributing to a 6-0 win at the time. He said, “I had a good memory of winning 6-0 against Bucheon, so I thought before I went to bed that I could do well today.” . I guess that’s why,” he laughed. 

One of the harvests of Seoul E-Land on this day was ‘no loss’. Seoul E-Land recorded their first clean sheet this season. Cha Seung-hyun said, “I thought it would be nice to score more goals, but Bucheon came out aggressively after halftime. He played defense and then he thought to go counter. Physically, it was tough at the end of the second half.” 

The next opponent is Kim Cheon, who is considered one of the K-League 2 finalists. In Gimcheon, there are many first division players such as Jo Young-wook and Won Doo-jae. Cha Seung-hyun said, “I bumped into a good player in college, and of course it is right to challenge from the standpoint of a challenger. However, he is confident that he can show good performance against Kim Cheon if he prepares (well).”

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