LG’s woes after Kim Jun-il’s departure, who will be Marei’s helper?

Changwon LG finished second in the 2022-2023 regular season (36 wins and 18 losses), the first season under head coach Cho Sang-hyun. The team’s defense was a trademark, as it allowed the fewest points (76.6 on average) among the 10 teams.스포츠토토

Heading into the 2023-2024 season, the team has some solid reinforcements. Forward Yang Hong-seok (26-196 cm) is a free agent. With his ability to shoot from the outside and play in the post, he is expected to be the solution to LG’s well-organized team.

However, he is not without his problems. He will have to fill the void left by power forward Kim Jun-il (31-202 cm), who became a free agent and left for the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis. Kim was a big man who guarded the post alongside foreign player Asem Marei (202 centimeters) last season. Although the team has re-signed Maray, it will be important to fill the height gap left by the departure of Kim Jun-il and Shin Min-soo (197cm DB). “That’s my biggest concern,” Cho admitted in a phone call on the 27th.

For now, Jung Hee-jae (34-195 cm) and Park In-tae (28-200 cm) will have to make do. They won’t get some breathing room until November, when the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 rookie draft, Park Jung-hyun (202.6 centimeters), is discharged from the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Commerce). Coach Cho said, “Until Park leaves, we have to use Jung Hee-jae, Park In-tae, and Kim Jun-hyung (201.1 cm). Depending on the situation, we are also considering sending Yang Hong-seok to power forward.”

Jung Hee-jae is an excellent defender who closely marks opposing aces and minimizes errors. He is a forward whose contributions go beyond the numbers. Having played 53 games last season, he is expected to be used in the new season. Park In-tae, who has only played a total of 18 games since leaving the club in 2021, will need to prove his worth in order to survive. Park is a resource that must grow for LG’s future. The fact that he averaged 15.5 points and 7.9 rebounds in eight games in the D-League last season is a ray of hope. “I hope he’ll do well as soon as he comes back, but he’ll have to adjust for a month after his discharge,” Cho said.

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