Lee Seung-woo and Koo Ja-cheol met… K-League ‘Dream Assist’ 3rd field training in Thailand

The Korea Professional Football Federation (KFA) announced on the 30th that the 3rd K-League Dream Assist, a social contribution campaign jointly sponsored by K-League official sponsors Hyundai Oilbank and the Korea Football Association Soccer Love Sharing Foundation, conducted field training in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The federation said, “‘K-League Dream Assist’ is a program in which former and current K-League players conduct one-on-one mentoring throughout the year for youth who dream of becoming professional soccer players. It started in 2020 and has been running for three years until last year.” Introducing, he said, “The 3rd term, launched last year, has been vigorously active, including one-on-one mentoring for a total of 50 mentors and mentees, soccer camps, and sports events. .

The ‘K League Dream Assist’ overseas field training was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a total of 3 nights and 4 days from January 26th to 29th. In this field training, nine mentors and mentees, Yoon-pyo Lee and Da-jeong Jeong, who were selected as excellent mentors and mentees, participated in the training, including representative mentor Cho Won-hee.

They observed Jeju United and Suwon FC field training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and had time to meet K-League players such as Jeju Koo Ja-cheol, Suwon FC Lee Seung-woo, Yoon Bit-garam, and Shinsegae to listen to advice for growth as soccer players. Since then, he has digested various programs such as mentor soccer lessons, mentor Jo Won-hee’s talk concert, and graduation ceremony. Through this ‘K-League Dream Assist’ field training, the federation went beyond simple soccer mentoring to deliver special experiences and strong motivation to mentees.

Mentor Lee Yoon-pyo, who participated in this off-campus training, said, “In the past, I had only done one-on-one mentoring with my mentee, but it was meaningful to be able to spend time with and become close with various mentee friends through overseas off-campus training. If I had a program like this in my childhood, I thought it would be good, so I started mentoring more actively.” 메이저놀이터

Kim Do-hee, a mentee, said, “It was very good to meet famous players and get advice from overseas training camps. The training of CEO Jo Won-hee, including mentor Jeong Da-jung, who led me for a year, was very helpful, and I was able to work with other mentees. I enjoyed the program together. I am grateful that I received a lot of encouragement through Dream Assist and that I was able to fill in what I lacked.”

Meanwhile, the 3rd term of the ‘K-League Dream Assist’ ended the year-long schedule with this overseas field training, and the newly launched 4th term will begin recruiting and activities from this spring.

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