Lee Seung-hyun’s swamp like a drug, business trip time dilemma

One of the most controversial sports in sports is baseball, to be precise, the pitcher side. No matter how well trained a player is, there is a limit to human endurance, so if you are overworked too often, you can get sick. If you are superior in terms of skills, just coming out with a bad body will help the team, but in the long run, there will be a situation where you cannot play for a longer period of time due to overload or injury.

Fans and leaders watching the team have different temperatures. Fans just like the team. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, we hope for the growth of promising players or the performance of key players. Prospective players should receive as many opportunities as possible to grow, and it is best for major players to maintain their skills for a long time while managing them without overdoing it.

Leaders can be different. right now my nose is black Even if there is a contract period, it is virtually impossible to see the future of the team together without any greed like the fans because there are not a few cases where they are fired during the season depending on their performance. I know that it is beneficial in the long run when I give experience to prospective players and when key players are in good shape, but it is not easy to do so.

Even in KBL, where there is relatively little controversy over playing time, there are players who are concerned about overuse. Jeonju KCC Egis power forward Lee Seung-hyun (30‧197cm) is one of them. Recently, KCC is in a rising mode after overcoming the sluggishness in the early stages. In a way, it should be liked, but among the fans, there is a lot of talk about the overwork of certain players, especially Lee Seung-hyun.

This season, Lee Seung-hyun is recording 11.14 points, 2.64 assists and 6.86 rebounds in 28 games. Looking at his record alone, he cannot be said to have been overwhelming, but the reality is different. As in his former team, he is showing an irreplaceable presence in his new team, KCC. His average playing time of 33 minutes and 19 seconds proves this.

Of course, excessive travel time is not limited to Lee Seung-hyun. Heo Ung, who moved the nest together this season, also took an average business trip of 20 minutes and 53 seconds. Laguna also seems to be taking a relatively long business trip time (28 minutes and 20 seconds) due to the absence of foreign players who will play an active role under the goal together. Like the modern basketball trend, KCC also uses basketball that uses a lot of space and takes a lot of movement, so the influence of business trip time is inevitably greater.

Among them, Lee Seung-hyun is running the most time. His nickname is ‘The Boss Tiger’. He is a nickname he has been carrying since his time at Korea University, and it came from his style of energizing the entire team with his fiery fighting spirit and tireless tenacity. Usually, if you are a boss, you charge his subordinates and you watch from behind, but Lee Seung-hyun is different. Since he takes the lead and plays a big role at the forefront, the difference between when he is there and when he is not is inevitable.

In the Carrot match on the 3rd, which attracted attention with a tie for 5th place, Lee Seung-hyun played 40 minutes full time, recording 14 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 block shot. In an interview after the game, manager Jeon Chang-jin expressed his regret for Lee Seung-hyun. He said, “I realized that I am still not brave enough as a manager,” and he even looked like he was rebuking himself.

Fans’ reactions to this are varied. From the opinion that ‘at least it’s fortunate that the director is aware of the overload of the main players’, ‘It’s a story that came out at some point, but it’s not being followed too much. It seems to be a face-to-face remark. director is a leader He needs to reflect, but if there is a problem, he should be accompanied by an image of trying to solve or fix it as much as possible.

Lee Seung-hyun is called one of the most desired players among the coaches. It is because he is a housekeeper who takes care of all kinds of dirty work, but he is also a model student among model students who has a mindset that puts team atmosphere and team play first. Thanks to Lee Seung-hyun’s support, foreign players can use it in a variety of ways, and domestic players often play well. He said ‘he’s a player that doesn’t get expressed on paper’ fits perfectly. 메이저놀이터

Lee Seung-hyun is a player who can dominate the game with only dirty work such as defense and screen play, apart from offense. His height is on the small side for a big man, but he reveals his strengths in physical fights and enduring defense based on the power radiating from a solid weight. This works especially well when match-ups with foreign players, and the fact that a domestic player can play such a role for a while has the effect of greatly expanding the range of strategy utilization by the coach. Therefore, among fans, it is sometimes called ‘Yong-soo’ in the sense that he has a lot of trouble taking on even mercenaries.

In addition to this, Lee Seung-hyun is very diligent. He does not hesitate to play hustle, chasing a player who is about to throw a 3-point shot from the outskirts as well as near the bottom of the goal, his main area, and attempts a block shot. To the point of feeling sorry for his colleagues. Because of this, his performance itself will inevitably change depending on Lee Seung-hyun’s presence, and he hesitates in adjusting his business trip time. It is the so-called ‘Lee Seung-hyun’s Swamp’. But the season is long. Lee Seung-hyun is a good player that needs no further explanation, but he seems to need proper management even for better results.