Lee Seung-gu of Kyunghee University, who fell into a sluggish swamp, still emphasized the team performance

 “The most important thing is the team performance. The first goal is to become a strong team. After that, it is important to raise my personal grades.”

Lee Seung-gu played for an average of 26 minutes and 25 seconds in the 2020 College Basketball League 2nd competition in his freshman year, recording 7.0 points and a 3-point success rate of 31.6% (6/19), showing his potential. In the first competition of the 2021 College Basketball League, which was a sophomore year, he played an average of 29 minutes and 59 seconds, recording 10.3 points and a 3-point shot success rate of 41.2% (7/17), seemingly establishing himself as the team’s main player. Defense, which was not revealed in the record, was another advantage of Lee Seung-gu.

However, Lee Seung-gu was on the court for an average of 12 minutes and 31 seconds in 13 games last year in the college basketball league, and was sluggish with 2.1 points and a 3-point shot success rate of 25.0% (5/20). He did not maintain his skills and rather did not receive further appearance opportunities.

Lee Seung-gu is sweating heavily in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do ahead of his final college stage.

Lee Seung-gu, who we met ahead of the afternoon training on the 1st, said, “I am enjoying it because it is the last winter training. Since it’s my last season at Kyunghee University, I think positively and work hard.” I am trying to make it.”

Lee Seung-gu and his colleague Hwang Young-chan said, “Lee Seung-gu is very good at defense, and he is good at dirty work and rebounding.” “Now his shooting has improved. He practices his moving shot a lot, so he puts it well. He made a lot of breakthroughs and made use of Lee Seung-gu’s strengths.”

When Lee Seung-gu met in January 2021, “I want to be like Moon Tae-jong. He’s a shooter, but he’s also good at defense.” If I had to choose a game that proved that I was a shooter, it would be a face-to-face match against Hanyang University on April 6 last year. Despite starting the 4th quarter with a score of 49-65 and 16 points, Kyunghee University won a dramatic come-from-behind victory by 81-78 thanks to Seung-gu Lee’s 3-point shot.

After this match, Kyung Hee University showed their backs and made a winning streak, while Hanyang University lost momentum and was eventually eliminated from the playoffs. It is no exaggeration to say that Seung-gu Lee’s single 3-point shot was the foundation for leading Kyunghee University to third place.

Lee Seung-gu said, “At that time, it was a close battle, and Hwang Young-chan was good at it, so we went to that situation. The ball came to me and I shot it without thinking. (After scoring) I was so distracted that I can’t remember at that time. It was good when I put it in. I should have gotten over a slump that wasn’t a slump, but I couldn’t. It was a meaningful shot because our team took a step forward with that shot.”

Kyung Hee University coach Kim Hyeon-guk also hoped that Seung-gu Lee would come out of the slump with the 3-pointer in the final, but Lee Seung-gu performed poorly during his 3 years of college.

Lee Seung-gu said, “I played a lot of games in my freshman and sophomore years, but it was the style of putting his head down and defending hard. He was in the third grade, so the thought of doing well came as a burden. He couldn’t show me how to play basketball,” he said.

You need to improve your 3-point shooting sense. 온라인카지노

Lee Seung-gu said, “After I injured my right wrist in my sophomore year, my shooting ability has not improved since then. I was making my own shot form and it was broken,” he said. I corrected my shooting form a lot, so even the ball rotation, which used to be abnormal, now turns accurately. That’s why I can show my shooting ability this year.”

2023 is the most important year for whether or not to advance to the pros. In this case, the promise to do better can be poisonous.

Lee Seung-gu said, “We have to do it with a sense of responsibility. The most important thing is team performance. The first goal is to become a strong team. After that, it is important to raise my personal grades,” he said. “I couldn’t because I tried to do well in the third year. I learned a lot through the experience. I enjoy that pressure. Enjoy the situation, do your best to do what you can rather than say you have to do better. What I can show you is the 3-point shot. He also tries to help the team defend. The long term is the shot, so what I have to show this year is the shot.”

This year’s college basketball league is scheduled to open in early March.

Lee Seung-gu said, “Our team doesn’t have a big center. We need to change the team color with strong defense. It is important to prepare well for it and to have a habit of winning and winning first place in our group, which we can do,” he said. “We have to set the mood starting with winter training and practice games. It would be nice if you find the strength to overcome bad times and prepare well.”

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