Lee Seong-gyu, who gave first aid to Pirella who collapsed after a fence collision, “I remembered the first aid training I received in KBO and the military…

“It’s really nothing… ”. 

Samsung Lions outfielder Lee Seong-gyu’s quick response shined. 

On the 4th, Pirella collided with a fence and collapsed while catching Moon Hyun-bin’s batted ball in the 9th inning against Hanwha in Daegu. Center fielder Lee Seong-gyu ran to Pirella and took first aid measures, such as loosening his belt and loosening the spike strap. 

Fortunately, Pirella was diagnosed with a simple bruise스포츠토토 in the rib area through a detailed examination at Gyeongsan Semyung Hospital and SM Radiology Department. 

Lee Seong-gyu, who met with a reporter ahead of the game on the 5th, scratched his head saying, “It’s really nothing.” The sincerity that he had to do it for his colleagues was evident. 

He said, “When I saw Pirella in pain after hitting the fence, I remembered that I had received first aid training in the KBO and the military in the past, so I decided to start with securing breathing.”

He added, “I’m really glad it’s not a big deal. I was worried a lot, but if I was seriously injured, I would have been in big trouble.” 

Pirella, who is in charge of the left wing of the Samsung outfield, said he would help Lee Seong-gyu, who lacked experience in outfield defense, with anything. 

“Our team has a family-like atmosphere. There is something unique to Samsung. 

In response, Lee Seong-gyu said, “Since it is my first time going out to the outfield this year, Pirella helps me a lot. She tells a lot of good stories as well as advice on defense. Thank you for encouraging me, saying, ‘I hope you think you are the best and do it with pride as a key player’.”

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