KT, who negotiated sincerely, won the heart of ‘FA Big Fish’ Moon Seong-gon

KT’s sincerity toward Moon Seong-gon (30) worked.

Professional basketball KT signed a contract with free agency (FA) Moon Seong-gon. The contract period is 5 years, and the total compensation for the first year is 780 million won. Moon Sung-gon was the first to sign a contract among the Big 3 free agents (Yang Hong-seok, Moon Seong-gon, and Choi Jun-yong).

Moon Seong-gon, wearing the KGC Ginseng Corporation uniform as the overall first pick in the 2015 draft, has excellent defense. He recently won the Best Defensive Award for the fourth year in a row. KT succeeded in maintaining its power by recruiting Moon Seong-gon.메이저사이트

◆ KT showed sincerity

KT was originally planning to renew the contract with internal FA Yang Hong-seok. Yang Hong-seok wore a KT uniform with the second overall pick in the 2017 draft. He received a lot of expectations and was reborn as KT’s main player. KT met Yang Hong-seok after the FA briefing on the 9th. However, there was a big difference in terms of the contract.

After that, he changed his route to Moon Seong-gon. The plan was to increase the team power by recruiting Moon Seong-gon, who has defensive skills. Moon Seong-gon contributed to Ginseng Corporation’s combined victory last season. The original team had a deep affection for Ginseng Corporation.

he showed sincerity. Moon Seong-gon went on vacation to his hometown of Busan after winning the unification. KT went down to Busan and negotiated free agency and succeeded in winning hearts. The contract was signed sooner than expected. A KT official said, “It’s fortunate that I was lucky to sign a contract in a difficult situation.”

He continued, “I found out that (Moon) Seong-gon’s father worked at the KT company. He is now retired, but I found out in the process of signing the contract,” he said. “Also, Seonggon’s hometown is Busan. They said they watched a lot of games when we were in Busan. After things went well, there is a relationship like this,” he added.

KT finished 8th last season. Fans held a truck protest in April due to the lower-than-expected results. This was the reason why he showed his will to reinforce his strength in the FA market. As a result, the contract was signed at a higher amount than the standard of 750 million won. A KT official said, “It is true that the price went up after negotiations. However, I hope you will look at it with the will to achieve good results.”

◆ Moon Seong-gon’s value

Moon Seong-gon’s role is important in Song Young-jin’s coaching system. KT gave coach Song an inauguration gift by recruiting Sung-gon Moon, who was a great free agent. Manager Song Young-jin said, “I’m looking forward to recruiting good players.”

Coach Song Young-jin is preparing for organic and active basketball. Coach Song said, “To play basketball with a lot of activity, you need to be stable defensively. Heo Hoon is discharged and there is even (Ha) Yoongi who has grown up, so if the defense is stable, fast basketball is possible.”

“Seonggon likes to move without a ball. Since he has a lot of activity, he thinks that Seonggon will be able to play for himself and for the team.”

With the retirement of Kim Young-hwan, KT created a void for veterans. We need a player to lead the team right now. Director Song Young-jin sees Moon Seong-gon as the captain. Director Song Young-jin said, “I heard that Sung-gon has leadership. He had a good senior-junior relationship and said he was good at giving advice to his juniors,” he said. “I thought he could play a good role in the team. If the opportunity arises, he is also thinking of entrusting the captaincy,” he explained.

Meanwhile, KT, which signed a free agent contract with Moon Seong-gon, is also in a hurry to renew the contract with internal free agent Han Hee-won. Actively moved in the FA market and quickly achieved results.

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