Kim Hyo-joo tied for 2nd place in 2R and Ko Jin-young 8th… Daniel Kang joins hands with Park In-bi’s caddy to take the lead

Kim Hyo-joo (28), the pioneer who will break the sluggishness of Korean players on the LPGA tour, leaped to the top in the second round of the HSBC Women’s World Championship (total prize money of 1.7 million dollars) as expected. . Daniel Kang (USA) took the lead.

In the second round of the tournament held at the Tanjong Course (par 72) at Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore on the 3rd, Kim Hyo-joo scored 5-under-par 67 with 6 birdies and 1 bogey.

Kim Hyo-joo, who recorded a total of 9 under par and 135 strokes with even performance over two days, tied for second place, chasing Daniel Kang, who was the sole leader, by one stroke.

Kim Hyo-joo had a come-from-behind victory two years ago on the last day of the tournament, driving 8 under par. After reaching the top at the Lotte Championship in April of last year, she will challenge for a total of 6 wins on the LPGA Tour in 11 months.

Kim Hyo-joo’s fairway landing rate for two days was only 67.86 (19/28), but her green hit rate was very high at 88.89% (32/36), and the average number of putts was 29, which was appropriate.

The match resumed after a delay of more than three hours due to heavy rain. Nevertheless, Kim Hyo-joo’s concentration was fierce. Kim Hyo-joo, who caught the first birdie of the day by putting her third shot close to the pin on the 5th hole (par 5), added birdies on the 8th hole (par 5) and the 10th hole (par 4) in turn.

He seemed to be slowing down by making a bogey on the 11th hole (par 4), but Kim Hyo-ju, who revived his concentration until the end, added birdies to the 13th hole (par 5), 14th hole (par 4), and 17th hole (par 3) to lead the way by 2 finished the round.

Kim Hyo-joo said, “The weather was not good, but I was able to overcome it and focus on playing.” For the remaining two days, I will focus on this part and challenge myself.”

Ko Jin-young (28), who was not satisfied with the game by recording an even par in the first round, drove 8 birdies and blocked 1 bogey, recording a 7 under par 65 strokes. With a total of 7 under par and 137 strokes, he was tied for 8th place by 3 strokes with leader Daniel Kang.

Ko Jin-young, who let out a sigh as the number of putts soared to 31 even after missing the green four times the previous day, regained the feeling of an iron shot that misses the green only once, and succeeded in reducing the number of putts to 29.

Ko Jin-young, the winner of the previous year, said, “Today’s goal was to putt well, and it went well according to the goal. My swing was also better than yesterday, so I am looking forward to the weekend game.”

Lee Jeong-eun (27), who tied for 3rd place the previous day, reduced her score by 2 strokes by tying 4 birdies and 2 bogeys, dropping to 13th place (6 under par, 138 strokes). It was regrettable that he wrote down two bogeys because his shot suddenly became unstable in the middle of the game. 안전놀이터

In addition, Jeon In-ji (29), Choi Woon-jung (32), and Ji Eun-hee (37) tied for 16th with a 5 under par 139 strokes.

Daniel Kang took the lead by one stroke alone with a total of 10 under par and 134 strokes, sweeping nine birdies without a bogey. After winning the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions in January last year, she is aiming for a total of 7 wins on the LPGA Tour in a year and two months.

In particular, Daniel Kang accompanied Park In-bi (35), her longtime caddy, as her close friend, Park In-bi (35), went on a pregnancy leave, and showed a fantastic teamwork. When Park In-bi, who is due to give birth next month, cannot participate in the tournament for the time being, Daniel Kang hired Beecher as her caddy this year, and Park In-bi readily agreed.

Elizabeth Chocol and Allison Coffuz (USA), who were leaders the day before, tied for second place (9 under par, 135 strokes) with Kim Hyo-joo, and Nellie Koda (USA) tied for fifth place (8 under par, 136 strokes).

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