Kershaw not attending?… USA shaken ahead of WBC

“I ran into trouble.”

The possibility of pitcher Clayton Kershaw (35, LA Dodgers) not participating in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) has been raised. The LA Times, a local media, reported on the 17th (Korean time) that “Kershaw’s participation in the WBC ran into difficulties.” Tony Riggins, general manager of the U.S. national baseball team, also admitted, “There are difficulties in getting Kershaw to play in international competitions.” 메이저놀이터

Kershaw is said to be reviewing several issues for his participation in the WBC. Exactly what the reason was was not clear. Some speculated that something was wrong with Kershaw’s physical condition. Kershaw has suffered shoulder, forearm and back pain over the past two seasons. This is because he only digested 121⅔ innings and 126⅓ innings in 2021 and last year, respectively. Each club can not only reject a player with an injury issue from WBC selection, but also place restrictions on their role within the tournament.

The United States is considered a strong favorite ahead of the WBC. Many incumbent major leaguers are included. However, it is evaluated that the weight of the pitching staff is slightly lower than that of the field staff. Cy Young-class pitchers such as Justin Verlander (New York Mets) and Dylan Seads (Chicago White Sox) refused to participate in the WBC. To make matters worse, defectors are appearing one by one. Nick Martinez (San Diego Padres) and Nathan Eboldi (Texas Rangers) were left out of the final roster. If Kershaw fails to fire, the question mark could grow even bigger.

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