KBO surpasses 5 million spectators in 457 games “back to pre-COVID-19 pace”…4th fastest pace in 10-team system [SS DB]

The KBO has surpassed 5 million fans after 457 games. This is six games faster than in 2019, the last year before the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting that fan enthusiasm for the KBO League has returned to pre-COVID-19 levels despite the heatwave.카지노

On April 4, 42,361 fans visited five stadiums, including 6,358 for the KT-Dusan game at Jamsil Stadium, which was played for third place. An average of 8,470 fans per game came to the stadium to cheer on the team even as the Korean Peninsula was in the midst of a heat wave, with the government declaring the second phase of the heat wave response.

As of today, 5,042,283 fans have visited the stadium, surpassing the 5 million mark in 457 games. In 2019, before the pandemic, the Giants reached the 5 million mark after 463 games, an increase of 3.4 percentage points over the same number of games. The average attendance per game is 11,033.

The club with the highest average attendance per game is league leader LG. With a total of 795,151 fans in 49 home games, LG averaged 16,228 fans per game, ranking first in total attendance and average attendance among the 10 teams.

Six clubs averaged more than 10,000 fans per game, including SSG with 14,755, Lotte with 13,258, Doosan with 13,025, Samsung with 10,040, and KIA with 10,192.

Kiwoom saw the highest increase in attendance, up a whopping 76% year-on-year from an average of 4548 last season to 8,000 this year, while NC (70%), Lotte, and Hanwha (over 48%) also increased their attendance.

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