[K-press conference] Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo on Timo’s injury: “Kwanjong rather than me. I didn’t think anything of it”

Gwangju head coach Lee Jung-hyo spoke about Timo.

Gwangju FC drew 2-2 with Incheon United in the 27th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at the Incheon Football Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 18.

It was a dramatic draw. Gwangju fell behind in the second half thanks to a multi-goal effort from Gerso, and then came back with a fantastic free-kick goal from Asani in the 34th minute. Finally, in the third minute of stoppage time, Lee Kun-hee scored a theatrical equalizer to draw the game level.온라인카지노

Coach Lee Jung-hyo said, “I didn’t realize the day was so long. We started preparing for the game in the morning, but Uhm Ji-sung had concussion symptoms, so he almost didn’t play. Timo said he was fine before he came, but he got sick again in the warm-up, and Aaron got sick in the first half. We prepared Lee Sang-ki just in case, and it was a very chaotic game (like this). I think the interpreters and AT teachers worked hard all day, so I want to thank them a lot. I told the players that. I told them, “I want us to win today, not lose because of the AT teachers. I think the fact that the players didn’t give up and continued to challenge courageously even if they made mistakes was the reason why we were able to follow them to the end. I was disappointed with Lee Sun-min, even though it wasn’t her place. She played without confidence. Even if a player is not in his place, I think a professional athlete should do it as a matter of course. It was disappointing, but I want to praise the players for not giving up and following through.”

After Asani scored the tying goal, the score was still 1-2. “I must have misunderstood the score. I’ll say it again. I’ll say it again when we’re winning and when we’re losing,” he said.

When asked what he emphasized after the two-goal deficit, he said, “I knew how Incheon would come out, and I told them not to allow counterattacks. You get tired when you’re defending. I was very disappointed that we conceded two goals, which was ridiculous for what we had prepared. I thought about the goals we scored more than the ones we conceded, and I told the players to be confident because it’s okay to concede a few goals.”

Lee came back from her caution to score the theater tying goal. “We are growing every game. I’m not happy with the details, but I’m much better than before. If she continues to play like this, I think she will become a better player.”

Ahn Young-gyu was called up at short notice due to Timo’s injury. Coach Lee Jung-hyo said, “Timo is a funny player. He’s very observant, even more so than me or (Lee) Soon-min. I turned to (Ahn) Young-gyu just in case, and he was ready. I think he fulfilled his duties as captain well despite coming out of nowhere, so I’m grateful.”

Regarding Timo, who was injured in warm-ups, he said, “I know him well and I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. I think he was thinking about his own body because he’s a valuable player, rather than thinking, ‘Thank God.

With Timo and Aaron out, the team will face Suwon Samsung next week. “We have other players. It’s a short time, but we’ll prepare well. Aaron and Timo, we’ll check them and if they’re ready to play, we’ll have them ready. We have to see,” he said.

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