[K League 2 POINT] Big comeback win – Escape from losing streak – Striker scores… Chungnam Asan created the ‘opportunity’ shouted by Park Dong-hyuk

 Coach Park Dong-hyuk emphasized that an opportunity is needed to escape the current situation. He had a lot to say, and it all came out on the pitch. The match against FC Anyang became a game that would serve as a driving force for Asan, South Chungcheong Province, for the remainder of the season.

South Chungcheong Asan achieved a 4-3 come-from-behind victory over FC Anyang in the 31st round of ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ held at Yi Sun-sin Stadium at 4 p.m. on the 17th. With the victory that day, Asan, South Chungcheong Province ended its three-game losing streak.

Chungnam Asan has lost all of its last three games. After Lee Jae-seong joined the defense, they regained stability and went undefeated, but this was their third straight loss. After losing three games in a row, the ranking dropped to 11th place. Goals were as much of a problem as losing streak. During three consecutive losses, South Chungcheong Asan failed to score even a single goal. This was the reason why they suffered three consecutive losses helplessly. Excluding the game against Gimcheon Sangmu, they only gave up 1 goal, but ended up losing 3 times in a row due to no goals being scored.

At the pre-press conference, coach Park Dong-hyuk seemed as worried about the scoreless score as he was about the losing streak. Both Afonza and Rafael, who were recruited in the summer with high expectations, are in a disappointing situation, and domestic players such as Song Seung-min, Kang Min-gyu, Jeong Seong-ho, and Park Dae-hoon also fell far short of scoring points. Coach Park Dong-hyeok said, “Foreigners and domestic players alike were scoring well at first, but these days, everyone is not scoring goals. That’s why it’s a huge problem. Even when we won against Ansan Greeners, center back Lee Jae-seong scored from a set piece. “It seems like we are putting pressure on each other because the attackers haven’t scored in about 5 games. Since we are playing at home, I hope we score a lot today. Only then can we go in the direction we want.”

He said, “When the results are bad and the atmosphere is like this, it is natural to be dissatisfied with each other and complain. During this break, we said, ‘Let’s go one step further and take one more step forward’ and become a team that can help even if someone makes a mistake. . Last season, there were no worries because of Yoo Kang-hyun, but this year, it was disappointing that the players who were supposed to play their roles were not able to do so. During the break, we did a lot of scoring training. The foreign players also did well in organizational skills training. It is frustrating not to score a goal. Feeling the pressure. “There has to be an opportunity to shake it off,” 소닉카지노 he said.

Did director Park Dong-hyeok’s wishes prevail? There were two goals in the first half alone. South Chungcheong Asan overcame the crisis when Park Joo-won blocked Yago’s penalty kick (PK), but Moon Seong-woo conceded a goal and the team went down 0-1. Kang-guk Kim scored the equalizing goal. In the 27th minute of the first half, kicker Kim Kang-guk scored a free kick taken by Park Seong-woo. Kang Min-gyu scored a comeback goal. In the 39th minute of the first half, Kang Min-gyu, who was penetrating Lee Hak-min’s fantasy pass, caught it and scored, shaking the net.

There were two goals in the first half alone, which had not been scored in three games. It was even more meaningful because striker Kang Min-gyu scored a goal. The atmosphere was completely brought about by the success of the comeback. The ground condition was not good and it was difficult to play the game properly due to sudden heavy rain, but the atmosphere was the best after the first half due to the encouraging comeback.

But the game turned around. In the 4th minute of the second half, Joo Hyun-woo, who took the free kick, scored, making it 2-2. South Chungcheong Asan was pressured by Anyang’s momentum and was unable to develop a proper attack. Hong Chang-beom turned the game around. Anyang took the lead again with a smart shot in the 10th minute of the second half. Chungnam Asan gave strength to the attack by introducing Rafael.

The heavy rain got worse and I couldn’t pass properly. We attacked through long passes or crosses, but the accuracy was so low that we couldn’t even hit a shot. In the 30th minute of the second half, Kang Min-gyu made a quick breakthrough, ran down the side, and then crossed. It went to Rafael, but was blocked by the defense and the opportunity was lost. Chungnam Asan left out Park Joo-won, Lee Jae-seong, and Kang Min-gyu in the 31st minute and replaced Moon Hyun-ho, Lee Ho-in, and Park Dae-hoon.

A great reversal drama unfolded. In the 45th minute of the second half, Song Seung-min’s header fell in front of Park Dae-hoon, and Park Dae-hoon connected with a shot. The score was tied and the score was tied. It didn’t end here. One minute later, Park Seong-woo’s kick hit the ground and flowed backwards, but Park Seong-woo failed to capture the drop point and went straight into the net. The game ended with a 4-3 comeback win for Asan, South Chungcheong.

Asan, South Chungcheong Province, has gained a lot. Throughout the season, there were many times when luck was not on our side and we allowed come-from-behind losses or lost points, but this time, in the words of Park Seong-woo, who scored the winning goal, ‘heaven helped us’ and we were able to win. Min-gyu Kang and Dae-hoon Park scored goals, allowing the strikers to enjoy goals, and they also succeeded in escaping a three-game losing streak and scoring a large number of goals. The opportunity that Director Park Dong-hyeok mentioned was created.

It is true that there is a difference in points from the playoffs and that they are still in the bottom half. Still, South Chungcheong Asan has the motivation to carry on for the remainder of the season. It can become a bag of red pepper powder that holds back teams that need to rise. We need to watch Chungnam Asan closely for the remainder of the season.

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