Jung Chan-heon FA Mia confirmed, failed to find a team before the season… Withdrawal of eligible clubs.

Now I really have no choice but to use the expression ‘Mia’.

The possibility of free agent pitcher Jeong Chan-heon (35) finding a new team before the start of the season is close to zero.

The expression “mia” could have been a bit radical if the team was only sought before the season, but in the current atmosphere, no other suitable word comes to mind.

In order for Jeong Chan-heon to get a new team, the injuries or sluggishness of the existing players had to overlap. It is because only then can a team come out that will turn its head to Jeong Chan-heon.

However, all teams with injured and sluggish players are expressing their intention to “find an alternative to the existing power.” It means that the evaluation of Jeong Chan-heon is not that good.

Recently, Lotte and Doosan have a스포츠토토 hole in their starting lineup. However, both teams made it clear that they were not interested in Jeong Chan-heon.

Lotte made a sudden decision to withdraw after Seo Jun-won, who was competing for the 5th starting lineup, was involved in a sexual offense against a minor. Someone has to fill the empty seat.

However, he did not turn his head to Jeong Chan-heon. He showed confidence that he could solve it internally.

Regarding Chan-heon Jeong, a Lotte official said, “It’s a situation where we can’t say anything. However, it is possible to convey the atmosphere that developing internal power is a better way than recruiting Jeong Chan-heon. Myung-Jun Yoon, Lee-Jun Choi, and others are growing in their ability to serve as the 5th starter within the team. As much as I did my best to prepare, I think they will be given a chance first. Although I am not in a position to make decisions, I think I will fill the vacancy through internal growth rather than recruiting Jung Chan-heon. The possibility of recruiting Jeong Chan-heon seems very low.”

Doosan suffered an injury to foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle who was hit in the head during field training. I was diagnosed that I would need to take at least a month of recuperation.

Right away, there was a big hole in the starting position.

However, Doosan also has not made plans to fill that hole through Jeong Chan-heon.

On the 17th, a high-ranking Doosan official said, “I have been contacted by Jeong Chan-heon. It is true that we discussed it at the time. However, he came to the conclusion that there were several problems, such as the salary cap. Since then, he has not discussed Jeong Chan-heon. It is true that Dylan Pyle’s injury left a starting pitcher blank for a while. However, he does not intend to fill that void with Jeong Chan-heon. It has nothing to do with our club,” he said.

In fact, Doosan bets a lot on the fighting of young guns such as Choi Seung-yong, Park Shin-ji, and Kim Dong-ju.

However, the possibility of Jeong Chan-heon ending baseball as it is cannot be said to be very high. As the season goes on, there is no choice but to come out with a team that has trouble with selection, and when such a team comes out, you can send a love call to Jeong Chan-heon.

Right now, I’m looking forward to the prospects in the team, but there is a high possibility that there will be a moment when an experienced veteran is needed. For Jeong Chan-heon, such a situation could be a chance. Of course, until then, she has no choice but to remain lost for the time being.

When will Jung Chan-heon be able to escape from being lost? Once the season opener, it became impossible. It seems that the move will be decided during the season.

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