Japan, 4 consecutive wins, ’18 goals in 4 games’… Bento wins UAE debut

Japan is in shambles.

소닉카지노Japan, ranked 20th in the FIFA rankings, defeated Turkye, ranked 40th, 4-2 in an evaluation match held in Genk, Belgium, on the night of the 12th (Korean time). Starting with a huge win against 75th-ranked El Salvador (6-0) last June, Japan won 4 consecutive wins, including 21st-ranked Peru (4-1) in June, 15th-ranked Germany (4-1) on the 10th, and Turkuye. ran. Japan in particular showed off their amazing firepower, scoring 18 points in 4 games, beating their opponents by more than 2 goals in all of them.

Japan showed excellent organizational skills despite replacing 10 of the 11 starters for the match against Germany, excluding Hiroki Ito. With an almost perfect rotation system, they also gained the upper hand in physical strength. In addition, two evaluation matches were held in Germany and Belgium this month, and 22 of the 26 players on the call-up list were from Europe, so they were free from long-distance flights and jet lag.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), ranked 72nd in the FIFA rankings, won 4-1 against Costa Rica, ranked 46th, in a friendly match held in Zagreb, Croatia on the morning of the 13th. The UAE appointed former Korean national team coach Paulo Bento as head coach last July, and Bento won his first game in charge of the UAE. Coach Bento led Korea to a 2-2 draw with Costa Rica in September last year.

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