It’s worse than Ali… Leaving the big league at the age of 23, ‘Turkeye’ is imminent

Nicolo Zaniolo is heading to Turkiye.

It is a promising resource from Italy. Although he is 190cm tall, he has fast speed, and his vigorous activity and reckless movements stand out. He is most natural playing in midfield, but is versatile enough to play as a winger or false nine. He creates threatening scenes with concise dribbling and straight movements, but his soccer intelligence is not so great that he can be called a playmaker.

Despite having two life-threatening injuries, he overcame them well. After moving to AS Roma in the 2018-19 season, he has been steadily leading the team, and last season he received a lot of attention to the extent that he was called the ‘favorite disciple’ of coach Jose Mourinho.

Rumors of his transfer also surfaced. Last summer, Tottenham Hotspur wanted to recruit a ‘second line’ resource that could digest the area before the attack. As a result, he showed active interest in Zaniolo and promoted his recruitment. There were practical contacts, but Roma’s stance was adamant and no transfers were made. 안전놀이터

Even in the winter, his interest continued. Tottenham were still on the list, with Leeds United and Bournemouth also mentioned. In particular, Bournemouth was the most active. Roma also agreed to the sale, and the two clubs quickly reached an agreement. But Zaniolo didn’t want to. Roma’s sporting director Pinto said: “Zaniolo wants to leave. We have reached an agreement with Bournemouth, but the player has rejected the move.”

At the end of the transfer window, Zaniolo decided to leave. He decided to head to Bournemouth, which showed interest in him. But he was too late. Italy’s Gianluca Di Marzio said: “Gianniolo has changed his mind and decided to accept the offer from Bournemouth. Unfortunately, Bournemouth have decided to go ahead with the deal.”

Zaniolo, who failed to transfer to the English Premier League (EPL). He had lost his ground even in Rome, and was now in danger of being driven out. The destination is Turkey. European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said: “Galatasaray is close to a deal for Zaniolo. We are discussing the final details with Roma and he will soon move to Istanbul. A €35 million buyout clause is in place in the summer. It will be effective from now on.”

At the age of 23, he went to Turkey. Now, at the age where his potential is about to blossom, he is heading to a league that is one level lower than he is now. For Zaniolo, turning down Bournemouth’s first offer is a situation that will forever be regretted.

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