“I’ll raise your weekly wage from 100 million → 300 million! Boy”, “I don’t like it! I want to go to Manchester United”

English Premier League (EPL) Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount is expected to move to Manchester United.먹튀검증

Mount is Chelsea’s ‘sacred bone’. A 24-year-old midfielder who joined the Chelsea youth team in 2005 and joined the first team in 2017. Chelsea see Mount as the club’s future, but his heart is said to be gone.

He is likely to move to Manchester United at the end of this season. Local media reported that Manchester United and Mount had reached a personal agreement.

But Chelsea couldn’t let it go like this. I tried my best to get the mount. The world of pros is money talking. Chelsea proposed a plan to increase Mount’s salary by nearly three times, but even this did not change Mount’s mind. In the end, the news that the club’s head and mount’s feelings were wrong was even conveyed.

Tribal Football, a European professional football site, said, “Chelsea made an unconventional offer to hold Mount. Currently, Mount’s weekly wage is 75,000 pounds (122.31 million won). Chelsea pays Mount 200,000 pounds (3 26.17 million won), but Mount declined.”

The media continued, “This was Chelsea’s last proposal, and it was their last attempt. This proposal did not satisfy Mount’s heart. As a result, the relationship with the club’s leadership also deteriorated. Mount is now preparing to leave Chelsea and move to Old Trafford. “he added.

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