I wrote ‘1.58 trillion’… Tottenham, who has not won the championship for 15 years

Tottenham Hotspur invested a lot to 스포츠토토 get the trophy, but it has been unrelated for 15 years.

Recently, Tottenham’s team reputation has skyrocketed. Under coach Mauricio Pochettino, he consistently ranked in the top 4 and achieved good results in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), raising his awareness. He opened the best stadium to increase interest and maintained his reputation by retaining stars such as Harry Kane and Son Heung-min. It is highly evaluated enough to enter the Big 6 of the English Premier League (EPL).

The lack of trophies is a flaw. Unlike Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea, which consistently lift trophies, Tottenham has not won a championship for a long time. Arsenal, which has rarely won the league, is also on the verge of winning the EPL this season. Arsenal also often lifted trophies in cup competitions, but Tottenham did not.

Their last league win has to be dated back to the 1960-61 season. The last time I lifted the trophy was when I won the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) in the 2007-08 season. It has been unrelated for 15 years. EPL and UCL both finished runner-up. Even after Pochettino, Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, who were called the championship contracts, came, they remained unrelated.

The same goes for this season. It is correct to say that the FA Cup, EFL Cup, and UCL have all been eliminated, and that the EPL has virtually no chance of winning. The military rank has been extended to 16 years. The British ‘Daily Mail’ on the 11th (Korean time) said, “Tottenham has spent more than 1 billion pounds on transfers since their last championship in 2008, but there is still no trophy.”

Tottenham fan community ‘Spurs Web’ also said, “Chairman Daniel Levy is famous for being salty, but he still spent 1 billion pounds (about 1,580.4 billion won) over 15 years. There are many failure cases like Tanguy Ndombele, Roberto Soldado, and Giovanni Lo Celso, so it’s a big deal. It feels like I didn’t spend money,” he said, saying that despite Tottenham’s huge investment, it was irrelevant.

Continued irrelevance may lead to a decline in team reputation and failure to retain stars. Rumors of Kane’s transfer have already emerged. The problem is that the chances of winning next season are not high.

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