“I want to be like Son Heung-min”, ‘I want SON’ England national team FW… Finally, Tottenham is aiming

Tottenham is expected to aim for an attacker who wants to resemble Son Heung-min to reinforce the attacking team. 

The Bootroom, a British online soccer magazine, 메이저놀이터reported on the 19th (Korean time) that “Tottenham is aiming for Harvey Barnes, a fan of Son Heung-min.” 

Leicester City striker Harvey Barnes has been active in the Premier League since the 2019/20 season and has received a lot of attention as a young and fast striker. 

He has established himself as the core of Leicester’s attack with great speed and a sharp kick, and this season, he played 28 games in the league, scoring 10 goals and assisting. He was also selected for the England national team and experienced one match. 

“It is increasingly likely that Barnes will leave Leicester this summer. There are now big questions about which league Leicester will be in next season,” said Der Bootrum. said there is 

“Tottenham target Barnes. Barnes scored 10 goals for the team at Leicester, which is 19th in the league. He has certainly contributed above average. Many teams can target him,” said Barnes. The reason was added. 

The Bootroom cited Son Heung-min as the reason Tottenham can gain an advantage in signing Barnes. The media mentioned, “Tottenham’s recruitment target, Barnes, has previously mentioned Son Heung-min and said that he is learning from him.”

Barnes said in an interview with Sky Sports, a British media outlet, ahead of this season, “I think Son Heung-min and Mohamed Salah are the best players in the league with the ability to attack the back space and catch the ball from the opponent’s loophole. So I think the two players I learn by watching the game. I think about how they will score a lot of goals and apply it to me,” he said, citing Son Heung-min as his role model. 

Based on these remarks, The Boot Room predicted that Barnes would not be able to refuse Tottenham’s offer to play with his role model Son Heung-min. 

The media explained, “The prospect of playing with players like Son Heung-min and Harry Kane will help to recruit Barnes. Barnes is one of the players who could find the opportunity to work with Son Heung-min attractive.” 

It is expected that many Tottenham fans will pay attention to whether Son Heung-min, who has overcome difficult times this season and is returning to his original form, will be able to play an active role in Tottenham next season with a young striker who considers himself a role model. 

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