“I lost, but there is no such thing as a good fight. I feel sore inside”

“Even if you say it’s okay, the atmosphere changes depending on the result.”

GS Caltex coach Sang-Hyun Cha smiled brightly after winning the match against leader Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 26th with a score of 3-2 (25-17 29-31 23-25 ​​25-19 15-10) after a bloody battle.

Coach Cha said in an interview at the venue, “The overall atmosphere of the team and we were in a difficult situation, but we were able to win thanks to the players’ hard work on the court.” “, he expressed satisfaction.

GS Caltex was mired in a three-game losing streak before the Heungkuk Life Insurance match. The ranking has fallen to 6th place, and the competition to advance to spring volleyball has become more difficult. After winning as many points as possible in the 6th round, KGC Ginseng Corporation in 3rd place and Korea Expressway Corporation in 4th place were put in a disadvantageous position where they had no choice but to wait for shaking.

Naturally, the team atmosphere also subsided. It wasn’t that he was neglecting game preparation and training, but the problem was that the most important ‘result’ in the professional world was not good.

In fact, GS Caltex recorded 14 wins and 17 losses this season, and there were not many cases where it collapsed miserably even in lost games. The problem was that one end was lacking in the game, and as losses piled up, it led to a drop in the morale of the players.

For this reason, coach Cha said, “The parts prepared in training have to be demonstrated as performance, but large and small damage has accumulated before the 6th round.” I believe that they have to endure well and will endure.” 

GS Caltex players also showed what coach Cha wanted by playing on the court. Heungkuk Life Insurance, who was on a three-game winning streak, fought on an equal footing and achieved the most important victory. 스포츠토토

The main gun Moma flew with 37 points, the most of both teams, and local ace Kang So-hui also played her part with 23 points. Moon Ji-yoon’s surprise 18-point performance also played a decisive role in the victory. On Sunday afternoon, GS Caltex gave wonderful gifts to the 3,200 fans who filled the Jangchung Gymnasium and prepared for the remainder of the 6th round.

Director Cha joked, “I wish MoMa would have done better like this in the beginning,” and then commented, “I don’t think there’s any effect from playing the game after a week’s break for the first time in a long time.”

Also, “My face has turned very black compared to when I first started the season. (Even if I lose) it’s okay, even if I say it’s okay, (my heart) continues to change depending on the result.” I made it up. It really hurts when I lose a game,” he confessed about his stress.

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