“I hope the IBK exhibition will be an opportunity for development… ” 5th year OH who was repeating in place, did it in an important battle 

Ko Hee-jin, coach of KGC Ginseng Corporation, made changes to the starting lineup at the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Round 5 IBK Industrial Bank match held at the Hwaseong Sports Complex Indoor Gymnasium on the 8th. Park Hye-min was put in instead of Chae Seon-ah as Lee So-young’s partner.

Even at the beginning of the season, Park Hye-min continued to be used as a partner for Lee So-young. From the 1st round against Korea Expressway Corporation (November 3, 2022) to the 3rd round against IBK Industrial Bank (December 21, 2022), he continued to start for 13 consecutive matches.

However, it did not have a great performance. There were times when he performed well, but once the receive started to falter, he showed a swaying appearance, leaving a feeling of regret. In the end, he gave up the starting position to Chae Seon-ah.

On the 19th of last month, he had a chance to start in the Pepper Savings Bank game, but only played one set and came out with an performance that did not repay his trust.

Before the match against IBK Industrial Bank, he appeared in 20 games and scored 92 points, an attack success rate of 33.05%, and a receiving efficiency of 34.74%. While Jeong Ji-yoon (Hyundai Engineering & Construction), Lee Joo-ah (Heungkuk Life Insurance), and Park Eun-jin (KGC Ginseng Corporation) came out of the egg, Park Hye-min remained in place.

Before the game, coach Hee-jin Ko said, “Today, Hye-min Park goes in first. He wants you to be confident. At the beginning of the season, he continued to play as a main player. He knows what his role is. He is looking forward to it.”

In the first set, Park Hye-min played a big role, just like director Koh Hee-jin’s wish. With 5 points in 1 set, an attack success rate of 62.5% and a receiving efficiency of 42.86%, it played a big role in helping the team win the first set. In particular, he scored a goal in the middle when it was fierce. He scored at 14-13, 16-13, and 17-13, giving KGC Ginseng Corporation the strength to go out.

In the second set, he showed a sense of stability in the offense and defense. He was not the Park Hye-min of before. The mentality that was pointed out as Park Hye-min’s weakness was not seen to be shaken. Even if he made a mistake once, he recovered his mind and kept his composure in the game. There was no reason for Koh Hee-jin to replace Park Hye-min. The second set receiving efficiency was 50%.

The team faltered at the beginning of the third set. Park Hye-min, who had been performing 100 points out of 100 until the second set, came out as the savior. 6-10, he blocked Choi Jung-min’s attacks in a row and laid the foundation for the team’s pursuit. Then, in 8-11, Yeom Hye-seon and time-lag attacks were shown, filling 10 points in the game that day. 스포츠토토

On this day, KGC Ginseng Corporation won 3-0 (25-17, 25-13, 25-23) and regained the 4th place with an escape from losing streak. Park Hye-min contributed to her team’s victory by scoring 10 points that day, with an attack success rate of 34% and a receiving efficiency of 55%.

After the match, coach Hee-jin Koh said, “I showed the most serious attitude and a sense of stability. He seemed to be floating in the meantime, but he was calm. I think I should go and give him a compliment. You can do this. He hoped that he would need an opportunity to continue his career as a player for a long time, and I hope that the IBK Industrial Bank match will be such a game for Hyemin.”

Park Hye-min also said, “There are things I need to do on the team. I thought a lot because I couldn’t do it, and it was hard. However, by working together with our team members, we achieved good results. I will continue to play with my composure.”

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