I don’t want to lose to Kiwoom’ Han Hyun-hee, what is the storm after the provocation of the parent team? 

The expression of Han Hyun-hee, who had a perfect fight, was bright.

Last winter, he declared free agency, 메이저놀이터 but neither the market nor the original team showed much interest. He changed his uniform to the Lotte Giants in mid-January after thinking over the year.

65 wins and 105 holds in 11 seasons. He also passed 10 wins twice in the hold king twice. The sadness left in the corner of my heart appeared in an interview saying, “I never want to lose to Kiwoom.”

Returning to his hometown, he easily integrated into the team. He has many acquaintances, including those from his alma mater (Gyeongnam High School), and Han Hyun-hee’s uniquely generous and active personality helped him adapt. He overcame the intense diet and training well.

He is full of satisfaction and confidence in himself. Han Hyun-hee pitched well with 2 hits and no runs in 4 innings in an exhibition game against the Doosan Bears on the 14th. He himself said, “After transferring to Lotte, I was so nervous that it was my first official appearance and my first experience on the Sajik mound. The pressure was great. I was lucky.” However, the combination of his fastball with a maximum speed of 144 km, slider and curve below 130 km was exquisite. His puncturing every corner and speed control were also outstanding.

Current condition is excellent. Lotte coach Larry Sutton acknowledged that he is a ‘player who has built up his body well before the camp’. Han Hyun-hee herself laughed, saying, “The results of InBody are also good. I will work hard without being lazy.” Recalling the Guam camp where training coach Kim Hyun-wook trained hard enough to exclaim, “(Kim) Hyun-wook is the best!”

He is also receiving strong support from his wife, who announced that he would be happy just before his FA contract. He laughed, saying, “I didn’t have time to go anywhere because I was playing with my wife at home. After training, I’m tired again, so I rest at home.” He continued, “Every morning, I drink the juice that my wife changes and go to work. Being a newlywed is fun, but I keep getting a sense of responsibility.”

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