“I agree with Choo Shin-soo” Yoon Seo-in defends the remarks in support of school violence

Far-right webtoon writer Yoon Seo-in defended Choo Shin-soo (SSG), who defended school violence.

On the 24th, Yoon Seo-in wrote on Facebook, “I feel sorry for Choo Shin-soo, who was beaten after saying, ‘It seems that it is not easy to forgive Korea’ over An Woo-jin, who was excluded from the national team due to controversy over school violence.” .

Along with this, Yoon Seo-in pointed out the public’s criticism towards Choo Shin-soo by adding that ‘forgiveness = leisure, bowl’.

In an interview with a Korean radio station in the Dallas area on the 21st, Choo Shin-soo said, “I play baseball in Korea, but there are so many things I don’t understand,” regarding the fact that Ahn Woo-jin (Kiwoom) was not on the WBC national team list due to controversy over school violence in the past. said.

At the time, he defended Ahn Woo-jin, saying, “It seems that forgiveness is not easy in Korea,” and “I repented of my mistakes when I was young and received all suspensions, but I cannot go to international competitions.” 메이저놀이터

An Woo-jin emerged as one of the best pitchers in the league last year, but was excluded from the final list of the national team due to his past being a victim of school violence during his school days.

As social awareness of school violence has recently increased, Choo Shin-soo’s remarks have been criticized by the public. Counseling trainer Ahn Young-myeong posted an article defending Choo Shin-soo on Instagram on the 24th, but was beaten and deleted.

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