Hwang In-soo, who only beat Myeong-hyeon by standing, “I have homework to do with Dong-hyeon hyung”

Road FC middleweight champion Hwang In-soo (29, FREE), who defeated Myeong-hyeon-man (38, Myeong-hyeon-man multi-gym), the strongest standing in the heavyweight division, took aim at ‘Cicada Kim’ Dong-hyeon Kim (42) as his next target.

On the 25th at the Goyang Gymnasium, in the main event of the mixed martial arts ‘Gobne ROAD FC 063’ kickboxing rules match, Hwang In-soo overpowered Myeong-hyeon Mann in 48 seconds of the 3rd round by withdrawing.

Hwang In-soo, who overpowered Myung-hyeon throughout the match by stealing a down once in the first round, proved that he was competitive in the standing striker. In particular, it was a more surprising result in that he overcame a weight difference of nearly 20kg.

The highlight is the behind-the-scenes interview. Hwang In-soo said, “I really thank senior Myung Hyun-man for playing a great game with me.”

Next, Hwang In-soo drew attention by mentioning former UFC fighter Kim Dong-hyun. Hwang In-soo was active as a member of ‘Team Stun Gun’ operated by Kim Dong-hyun and used to appear on YouTube together. However, they recently broke up due to a bad relationship. When Kim Dong-hyun focused too much on broadcasting activities and neglected his player development, a large number of disappointed junior players, including Hwang In-soo, left the team. In this regard, Kim Dong-hyun also admitted his fault and apologized through his live broadcast. 메이저놀이터

Hwang In-soo said, “(Kim) Dong-hyun and I seem to have unresolved homework.”

Then, he asked back, “Can I mention the name of the person (Kim Dong-hyun) who is said to be the strongest in grappling?”

Hwang In-soo expressed his willingness to take on the challenge, saying, “I hope that Dong-hyun will be given the honor to decorate the finale of the retirement match.”

Kim Dong-hyun, nicknamed ‘Stun Gun’, is the best star born in Korean martial arts, along with ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-sung Jeong. Since making his UFC debut in 2008, he has had 18 fights. He moved up to #6 in the UFC welterweight rankings. His career record is 22 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw and 1 invalid in 28 matches. In June 2017, after losing by decision in a game with Colby Covington (USA), he did not play and transformed into a broadcaster in earnest.

Hwang In-soo also thanked the fans. He said, “I did what you wanted today. If I always think with my head, speak with my mouth, and act with my body, it will come true,” he emphasized. “People said I couldn’t do it, but I proved it.” In addition, he added, “I showed you a great game,” and added, “I hope you don’t hate it too much and watch it with confidence, not pride.”

Also, Hwang In-soo said, “It’s so easy to say everything without paying attention. This is my original personality,” he said. “I will often visit you with fun matches, so I hope you look at it nicely.”

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