“He’s back”… Zlatan Ibrahimovic imminent return

 The indomitable Lion King is finally about to return.

He was born in 1981, but for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, age is just a number.

Ibrahimovic, who was one of AC Milan’s winning figures last season. Although he didn’t play many games due to injury, he dominated the atmosphere in the team and was definitely a player who contributed to the championship. 카지노

However, Ibrahimovic was sidelined by a long-term injury at the end of the season. Although his self-management is known as a meticulous player, he seemed to have no business in his years.

However, the indomitable Lion King is back in training ahead of the match against Torino on the 11th. He seems highly likely to play against Torino at the earliest and against Monza scheduled for the 19th at the latest.

Milan, who was in a serious slump, got a thousand troops. Milan, which has not been showing itself like a defending champion, with a winless streak in the last 7 official matches.

It’s unclear how much of an impact Ibrahimovic will have on the game as he just returned from a long-term injury, but he’s sure to be a big help in keeping the squad disciplined.

Despite his age, Zlatan is ready to hit the ground again with his amazing self-management skills. He is interested in whether he can save Milan from crisis.

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