Ha-seong Kim, don’t stimulate Japan… Learn from Ohtani’s ‘non-value’ strategy

The 27th line of Sun Tzu’s 36th line is ‘worthlessness’. It means that it is better to pretend not to know or not to lie, and to pretend to know when you do not know.

Chinese classics researcher Lee Jeong-rang explained that France’s Napoleon defeated the Russian army through this ploy.

According to him, in 1805, ahead of a decisive battle with the Russian emperor Alexander, Napoleon,
after seeing two divergent opinions within the Russian military command, asked Russia to stop fighting and intensify. At this time, Napoleon pretended to be a weak figure who was incompetent and unwilling to fight.

The Russian Tsar Alexander, who had been tricked, had a decisive battle with the French army.

The result was a great victory for Napoleon. Ichiro Suzuki said ahead of the 2006 WBC fight, ” I want to win so that my opponent feels like he can’t touch Japan in the next 30 years.” It was a ‘absurd remark’ to look down on the opponent. This remark provoked Korean players. In the end, Japan was humiliated by defeat in the Korean War. Shohei Ohtani terrified Korean batters at the 2015 WBSC Premier12 Invitational. In the opening game, Ohtani destroyed Korea terribly with 2 hits, 2 walks, 10 strikeouts and no runs in 6 innings. Ohtani, who met again in the semifinals, fought hard with 1 hit, 1 walk, 11 strikeouts and no runs in 7 innings.

At a press conference held after being selected for the All-WBC Japan team, Ohtani, on the contrary to Ichiro, praised Korea.

He said, “I got the impression that Korea has many amazing players. Both pitchers and batters are great, both in Asia and globally. Isn’t it a country where great players from any generation come out with top-level players who can fight the world in any generation? Really. I think he’s playing great baseball.”

It was a remark that was humble but did not provoke the opponent. 토토사이트

On the other hand, Ha-sung Kim said, “I don’t know because the baseball is round. Ohtani is throwing well now in the United States and hitting well, but there are always variables in the game. Besides, the WBC is a tournament held before the start of the season, so players can’t be in 100% physical condition. No. I don’t think there is any need to be intimidated by Ohtani.” He said that he also had a secret plan to make things difficult for Ohtani.

It is a remark that can feel uncomfortable from the Japanese point of view.

If he had been Napoleon, he would have said this. “Are you Ohtani? He’s the MLB MVP.”

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