Gyeongbuk billiards federation chairman Lee Byeong-gyu resigns from ‘pressure to resign from player’

Byeong-gyu Lee, president of the Gyeongbuk Billiards Federation, who has been continuously requested to resign from his players, resigned from his position.

According to the Gyeongbuk Billiards Federation and Chairman Lee Byeong-gyu on the 28th, it was confirmed that Chairman Lee resigned from his position in February. Chairman Lee, who runs a billiard equipment company in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province, was inaugurated as the chairman of the Gyeongbuk Billiard Federation in 2016 and has held the position for seven years.

Chairman Lee’s resignation 온라인카지노was due to the so-called ‘Gyeongbuk Billiard Federation Incident’ that occurred in June last year.

At the time, the Gyeongbuk Federation athletes held a press conference and publicly raised suspicions about embezzlement, tax evasion, and issues related to specific players to Chairman Lee.

Chairman Lee denied the allegations raised against him and appealed for resentment, but the athletes asked the Sports Ethics Center to investigate the allegations against him. The items requested for investigation are △suspicion of tax evasion related to business name lending △duty dereliction △embezzlement and misappropriation of the secretariat operating expenses.

According to the team, there is no progress in the investigation by the Sports Ethics Center even at this point, which has been close to a year since the incident.

However, it is understood that Chairman Lee resigned from the post of president himself, feeling the pressure from the continued opposition from the squad.

Last December, the team gathered 14 out of 17 players from the Gyeongbuk Billiards Federation and asked Chairman Lee to resign.

In response, Chairman Lee submitted a letter of resignation to the Korea Billiards Federation, a higher-level organization, in February and stepped down as chairman.

The Emergency Response Committee of the Gyeongbuk Billiards Federation Athletes Association said, “From the time this incident began, most of the players belonging to the Gyeongbuk Federation could not continue their lives normally in a chaotic situation, and they did not receive any support from the president.” As much as I can no longer properly perform my role as the president of the Gyeongbuk Federation, (the team) asked Chairman Lee to step down.”

Chairman Lee said, “There is no other big reason for his resignation. He just felt that he was lacking in ability as the president of the federation, and he had to step down from the chairmanship because he was not feeling well recently.”

Meanwhile, the Gyeongbuk Billiards Federation plans to elect a new president after consulting with the Gyeongbuk Sports Association.

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