Gasworks to hold seven practice matches in two weeks

Daegu KOGAS hits the road for a practice match.카지노사이트

The KOGAS is preparing for the 2023-2024 season with new changes. The coaching staff consists of Kang Hyuk, Kim Sang-young, and Lee Chan-young. The team strength has also changed. Lee Dae-seong and Jeong Hyo-geun, the core of the team, have left.

Kim Nak-hyun and Lee Yoon-ki joined the team during the season after completing their military service with the Korean Armed Forces.

Foreign signings were finalised early. We signed Isaiah Hicks and Anthony Moss, both of whom played for the Seoul Samsung. We considered a better scorer as our first option, but we chose players who are proven and fit the style of basketball that Kang Hyuk wants to play.

After starting team training in early June and focusing on physical fitness and defensive training, Gasworks will arrive in Sangyeong on 24 July and stay for about two weeks to check their strength through seven practice games.

They will face Chung-Ang University on the 25th, Sungkyunkwan University on the 26th, Yonsei University on the 28th, Kyung Hee University on the 29th, Korea University on the 1st, and Seoul Samsung on the 3rd and 4th.

GAS also travelled to Sangyeong for a practice game last year. This year, they are travelling to the Seoul metropolitan area due to the difficulties in holding practice games in Daegu.

Another trip to the capital is planned for the end of August.

There have been very few practice matches in Daegu, but this year we are preparing for a practice match in Daegu. A university has been confirmed to come down to Daegu for a practice match, and other universities are in the process of coordinating their schedules.

A GASCO official said they are also trying to organise a practice game with Changwon LG, a team with close ties. Last year, a scrimmage between the two teams was scheduled but cancelled due to venue issues.

Fans in Daegu will be able to watch GASCO’s practice games at Daegu Gymnasium before the season starts.

Gasworks Practice Game Schedule
25 July 4pm Chung-Ang University (Anseong)
26 July 4pm Sungkyunkwan University (Suwon)
28 July 3pm Yonsei University (Seoul)
29 July 3pm Kyung Hee University (Suwon)
01 August 4pm Korea University (Seoul)
03 August 3:30 pm Samsung (Seoul)

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