Former Manchester United coach’s anger: “I told you to sign Son Heung-min… so annoying”

Renée Mullensteen, who was active as a coach at Manchester United in the past, revealed that he had promoted the signing of Son Heung-min (Tottenham).

Son Heung-min wore a Tottenham uniform in the summer of 2015 with a transfer fee of 30 million euros (approximately 41 billion won). At that time, Son Heung-min’s transfer fee was the highest transfer fee ever recorded in Asia, and it was the moment when the 13th Korean Premier League was born.

In the beginning, it was difficult to adapt to the Premier League. Son Heung-min played more substitutions (15 times) than starts (13 times) in the 2015-16 season, and scored only 4 goals. As a result, he also promoted a transfer to Wolfsburg, but Mauricio Pochettino, who led Tottenham at the time, persuaded Son Heung-min and let him stay.

Son Heung-min,메이저사이트 who was trusted by manager Pochettino, began to play in earnest from the next season. His 14 league goals in the 2016–17 season saw him score in double digits for the first time and established himself as the team’s key striker alongside Harry Kane.

Last season was a highlight. Son Heung-min, who scored 23 league goals, became the first Korean to become the top scorer in the English Premier League. This season was also sluggish at the beginning, but it revived in the second half and achieved double-digit league goals (10 goals) for 7 consecutive seasons, and also scored his 100th Premier League goal against Brighton earlier this month.

Mullestine said on the 18th (Korean time) that he had pushed for the signing of Son Heung-min, who had risen to the ranks of Tottenham legends, through Britain’s ‘Metro’. Mullestine said: “When Son Heung-min first came to Tottenham, I felt that after a season or two he was a player Manchester United needed to sign. I was really annoyed that he was not recruited even though I recommended Son Heung-min.”

Son Heung-min has been linked to Manchester United on several occasions during his time at Tottenham. Last year, there were also reports that the team was seeking to recruit Son Heung-min after manager Eric Ten Hag took office. It is Mullestine’s anger that Manchester United fans can relate to more when looking at Son Heung-min’s current performance.

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