‘First win in 444 days’ Ryu Hyun-jin ‘allows two runs in five innings’

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카지노사이트 Major League Baseball’s Ryu Hyun-jin of Toronto has recorded his first win since returning from injury.

He overcame a 444-day absence to become the oldest South Korean to win a start.

Lee Myung-no reports.

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Ryu Hyun-jin took the mound six days after being hit by a pitch to the knee.

“It’s really good news. I got hit by a hard hit ball against Cleveland, but I was able to come out and start right away.”

After an error by veteran first baseman Belt put runners on first and second in the first inning, Swanson’s double gave up two runs, both unearned.

From the second inning on, Ryu was dominant.

His fastball topped out at 147km, similar to his previous two games, but his main weapon, his changeup, shone through and his trademark velocity came to life, allowing no more runs to score.

Two hits and two walks in five innings.

Ryu had 86 pitches to spare, but he was pulled in the sixth inning with his team leading by six runs and the bullpen preserved the win, giving him an emotional victory in his third game back and a whopping 444 days.

36 years and four months old.

He passed Chan Ho Park to become the oldest Korean big leaguer to win a start.

Coach Schneider paid tribute.

[John Schneider/Toronto head coach]
“Considering how old Ryu is, it’s amazing. He’s making the hard stuff look easy, and all his pitches were good today.”

The Toronto club also celebrated the victory on social media, saying it was the result of perseverance and hard work, and local media also expressed high expectations, saying they had “entered a stage of confidence” and that “Ryu’s place in the starting lineup has become more important.

I’m Lee Myung-no, MBC News.

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