Finally, round 7… Ginseng Corp. vs SK Goes to the End

I will go till the end. Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation and Seoul SK ‘Yanggang’ seem to be perfectly positioned as domestic professional basketball rivals. Their 2022-2023 championship match (4 wins from 7 matches) will eventually decide the final winner in the 7th match. Ginseng Corporation, the ‘League No. 1’ that was driven to the edge of a cliff, defeated SK and revived. 

Ginseng Corporation won 86-77카지노사이트 in the home game against SK in the 6th round of the championship held at Anyang Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 5th. This made the series 3-3. Game 7, which will determine the direction of the championship, will be held at the same place on the 7th at 6pm. It has been 14 years since the match between Jeonju KCC and Seoul Samsung in the 2008-2009 season that the final 7th round of the championship was held.

The game was dragged helplessly by the ginseng construction at home. In the third quarter, Ginseng Corporation faced defeat by 52-67, 15 points. Following last season, it seemed that the scene of kneeling against SK in the championship match for the second year in a row was directed. 

However, this season’s ‘No. 1’ Ginseng Corporation’s potential was great. At the center of the great counterattack in the 4th quarter were “Ace” Byun Jun-hyung and “Veteran” Daryl Monroe. Monroe pierced the blood of the Ginseng Corporation attack that had not been resolved throughout the game. Byun Jun-hyung, who showed a sluggish appearance throughout the championship series, scored important points. In the 4th quarter, Ginseng Corporation tied SK to only 2 points for nearly 7 minutes and scored 22 points, reversing the game 78-69.

In the 69-69 tie situation, Byun Jun-hyeong’s 3-storey burst and turned around. Then, Oh Se-geun and Byun Jun-hyung made 3-point shots in a row, and took a 9-point lead with 3 minutes left. Then, the crowd of 5850 people became hot. It is the largest crowd in professional basketball this season. SK followed with 73-78 1 minute 51 seconds before the end with Jameel Warney’s two 2-point field goals, but Ginseng Corp. Daryl Monroe scored 3 points with 1 minute 31 seconds left in the end and ran away again with an 8-point lead, virtually winning the game. It was decided. Ginseng Corporation, which did not lose its concentration until the end, won with a pleasant score of 86-77. The scores of the two teams in the 4th quarter were Ginseng Corporation 30, SK 10. Ginseng Corporation’s last back heart was great.

Ginseng Corporation Oh Se-geun made a big success by scoring 18 points, and Monroe (16 points) and Byun Jun-hyung (15 points) scored 10 points each in the 4th quarter, when the team reversed. SK struggled as Warney recorded 31 points and 10 rebounds, but could not bring victory.

Ginseng Corporation manager Kim Sang-sik said after the game, “There was a crisis in the third quarter. However, after the three guards and Daryl Monroe came in, both the offense and defense were energized. I think that’s the winning factor,” he said. “This match was the most thrilling victory. It must have been difficult for everyone, but I think I played Game 6 well with the feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff.”

After the game, SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol said, “The game where we were leading by 15 points was reversed. It’s entirely my fault. The players ran well. I made a mistake in the judgment in the 4th quarter,” he said. I will prepare well for Game 7,” he said.

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