Every time I go through a hurdle, I make another mistake… IBK Bank, 4 consecutive losses, sighs from the command tower

Is it because of the anxiety caused by losing streak?

IBK Industrial Bank met with GS Caltex at the Jangchung Gymnasium on the 13th. By engaging in a close match until the middle of each set, hopes of escaping the losing streak were raised. However, the result was a shutout defeat. All three sets collapsed in a tie situation in the middle and lowered their heads.

The problem was the room that came out every time it was difficult. In the first set, after being blocked by the opponent’s blocking at 18-18, the opportunity to pursue was lost as the offense continued. In the second set, even after taking an early lead, he gave up the chase with a mistake. Even in the third set, he allowed a chase even though he took an early 5-2 lead, and then kicked the opportunity himself with consecutive serve errors 바카라사이트. Director Kim Ho-cheol of Industrial Bank of Korea tried his best to improve the atmosphere by requesting an operation time at every critical moment, but it ended in vain.

IBK is struggling with injuries to key players this season. While Kim Hee-jin, the main shooter, was playing with chronic knee pain, Shin Yeon-kyung, who recently performed well in defense, also left due to an injury, leaving the vacancy widening. Coach Kim said, “In the 3rd round, the receive was quite good, and the defense that I always emphasized was good. In the meantime, (Shin) Yeon-kyung, the axis of defense, was missing.” said. Contrary to coach Kim’s wishes, IBK had to accept a shutout defeat and 4 consecutive losses while showing a series of regrets in terms of concentration on offense and defense.

After the game, coach Kim praised, “GS Caltex did well today. They are much more solid in terms of defense and connection.” Regarding the players’ performance, “There is an atmosphere while losing a streak, but even though the players are motivated, they are not able to do what they want. I am frustrated from the outside, but how frustrated the players must be. They are losing 4 to 5 points in an instant in a tie. Shouldn’t it be improved so that this does not come out?” he said.

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