Entering the Boras Division→Puig reunion→NBA star zoom-in…the dream of a prospective world star

 Kiwoom Heroes Lee Jung-hoo (25), who finished the contract with an American agency, had a long-awaited free time.

Lee Jung-hoo, who is staying in LA for personal training, met former Kiwoom colleague Yasiel Puig on the 25th (Korean time).

The day Scott Boras’ US agency contract was announced. The reunion place with Puig was Crypto.com Arena, home of the NBA Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers. Lee Jung-hoo and teammate Lim Ji-yeol and Kim Jae-hyeon met Puig and played pranks while watching the local rivals Lakers and Clippers match that day. Thanks to Puig, I enjoyed the thrilling game from the seat on the floor closest to the players. 안전놀이터

After forgetting, he took a picture of LeBron James, the best NBA star, and left it on his social media. As if in response to the cheering, LeBron flew wildly. He poured in a whopping 46 points and set a record for scoring 40 or more points against all 30 clubs. A one-man show against the Clippers, the only one who did not allow more than 40 points. Lebron is the only player in the NBA to score more than 40 points against a former club. Even in LeBron’s fight, the Lakers lost 115-133 and fell into the mire of a 10-game losing streak against local rivals.

This is not the first time Lee Jung-hoo has visited the basketball court.

On the 14th, I was invited along with Eui-ri Lee to the ‘Korean Heritage Night’ event hosted by the Clippers and had a great time. Lee Jung-hoo drew attention with a close-up of the top NBA stars.

An NBA world-class star player boasting an astronomical ransom. Like them, Lee Jung-hoo is also preparing to rise to the top of the stage as a top star. After this season, he will challenge to enter the big league through the posting system. To this end, he teamed up with ‘Super Agent’ Scott Boras. All preparations are complete. Now it’s a fight with yourself.

This is the reason why I gave up my rest this winter and went to America early to build up my body. Lee Jung-hoo, who visits the basketball court, the flower of winter sports, when he has free time, solidifies his dream by capturing world-class players on camera.

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