“Document manipulation to expand the golf course”… Environmental groups file complaints against employers

 Reporter Jeong Kyung-jae = An environmental and civic group in the Jeonbuk region filed a complaint with the police against a business owner suspected of submitting false documents in the process of permitting and permitting golf course expansion.

According to the Jeonbuk Environmental Movement Association on the 10th, the business owner knew that five species of natural monuments, including wildcats, martens, otters, flying squirrels, and mandarin ducks, inhabit the golf course expansion site, but submitted an objection to the ecological nature excluding them to the National Institute of Ecology and received a first-class rating. Lowered the lot to Tier 2. 메이저놀이터

In accordance with the ‘Natural Environment Conservation and Restoration Criteria’, the first-class ecological natural map area must be classified as a circular conservation area in accordance with the land use plan, or it must be separately conserved and managed, such as being excluded from various development activities such as golf courses.

Environmental groups urged a strict investigation, believing that the business owner intentionally omitted ecological survey data that identified endangered species in order to expand the golf course from 9 holes to 18 holes.

In addition, they asked the police to look into whether there was any aiding or abetting of the administration, such as taking care of the convenience of the public officials in charge.

An official from the organization said, “If you intentionally omitted the endangered species survey and filled out a false objection, this is a clear criminal act that shakes the foundation of the ecological natural map.” do,” he stressed.

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