‘Do you want to supervise?’ When asked, Aguero replied, “I don’t want to go bald like Pep…”

Sergio Aguero, who turned into an internet broadcaster (streamer), boasted a pleasant wit.

Aguero, who left the pitch due to cardiac arrhythmia, is currently communicating with fans by attempting fancy dribbling on the Internet. During his splendid career, the place where he shone the most was Manchester City. And it was Josep Guardiola who coached Aguero.

During his time at Manchester City, Aguero scored 260 goals in 390 matches wearing a light blue shirt. Manchester City’s all-time leading scorer, Aguero is still loved as a club legend.

However, less than half a year after leaving Manchester City for Barcelona, ​​Aguero had to take off his boots. It will be full of regret, but he doesn’t seem to have any plans to return to the soccer field right away.

When asked during his live broadcast if he would ever consider working as a manager, he joked, “It’s not easy to be a manager. Look at Pep. He’s so thoughtful that he’s bald.” He also added, “I suspect he might be willing to trade a few handfuls of his hair for the glory.”

Although Guardiola said he thought too much of it, Aguero credited Guardiola with winning numerous titles in Europe’s major leagues thanks to such thinking. 토토

Aguero also shared an interesting anecdote with his old mentor, saying, “The first season we were between 4th and 3rd. He said he cut me out this week because I looked fat. These things happen. He was right. He talked nicely, and I At that time, I didn’t have confidence,” he said, talking about Guardiola’s style of managing the players strictly.

“Even when I told him I was training my own way, he didn’t like it. But it was only a matter of time before he got used to his way of training,” he recalled.

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