“Director Park Ji-sung is negotiating in London”…Cho Kyu-seong will go to Mainz?

Will Cho Kyu-sung’s long-awaited trip to Europe come true?

After the 2022 FIFA World Cup star in Qatar, Cho Kyu-sung was linked to Celtic, a prestigious Scottish club. Celtic showed strong interest not only in Cho Kyu-seong but also in Oh Hyun-kyu. While the rumors of Cho Kyu-sung’s move to Celtic were quieting down, rumors of a transfer to Germany came out. 토토사이트

Britain’s ‘Evening Standard’ said on the 7th (Korean time), “Cho Kyu-seong will choose to move to Mainz instead of Celtic in the January transfer market. Jeonbuk Hyundai approved a European transfer for a transfer fee of 2.5 million pounds (approximately 3.8 billion won). .. Mainz looks set to beat Celtic and other clubs to win the fight for their top target, Kyu-Sung Cho.”

The person in charge of negotiations with Cho Kyu-seong in Jeonbuk is known as Park Ji-seong, technical director of Jeonbuk. The media explained, “Director Park Ji-sung is conducting negotiations in London.” In an interview with the local media held at the JS Foundation’s scholarship award ceremony, director Park Ji-seong said that he would consider the timing of Cho Kyu-sung’s advance to Europe.

Cho Kyu-sung has a strong desire to go to Europe. He wants to move to Europe as soon as possible. ‘Evening Standard’ also explained, “Cho Kyu-sung wants to complete his transfer to Mainz as soon as possible before the season resumes on January 21st at a time when the German league is taking a long break after the World Cup in Qatar.”

Until now, Jeonbuk has never blocked a player’s transfer as long as the player’s transfer fee is met. 2.5 million pounds is not a small amount that is included in the top 10 in Jeonbuk’s all-time sales transfer fee rankings. The key is whether Mainz can meet Jeonbuk’s demands.

There was also a prospect that it would be difficult in Germany. Germany’s ‘Kicker’ said, “Mainz was definitely interested in signing Cho Kyu-sung, but interest quickly cooled after figuring out the financial situation.”

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