Despite his first win of ‘9 to 0’, Hwang Seon-hong was most wary of ‘this’… “It could be poisonous if you are not careful.”

 The Korean national soccer team, which is challenging for its third consecutive Asian Games gold medal, defeated Kuwait 9-0 in the first match of the men’s soccer group stage at the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 19th, and coach Hwang Seon-hong said after the game, “If we are not careful, it could be poisonous.” “There is,” he said, warning against ‘conceit.’

The national team led by Coach Hwang won 9-0 against Kuwait in the first match of Group E of the tournament held at the Jinhua Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang Province, China on this day.

Korea started with Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart)’s first goal in the 3rd minute of the first half, showing off their firepower by scoring 4 goals in the first half and 5 goals in the second half.

With this victory, Korea moved to the top of Group E. As the previously held Group E match between Bahrain and Thailand ended 1-1, Korea (1 win) ranked 1st, Bahrain and Thailand (1 draw) tied for 2nd, and Kuwait (1 loss) ranked 4th.

Although the team got off to a good start, coach Hwang Seon-hong suppressed his emotions as much as possible.

At a press conference held after the game, Coach Hwang said, “This is the first of seven steps (to victory), and the players worked hard as they prepared,” and added, “You have to be confident, but forget about everything else.스포츠토토 “More preparation and determination are needed,” he emphasized. Coach Hwang said he told the players the same thing in the locker room.

Coach Hwang continued, “It feels good to win big, but it is also something we must be cautious about. “If we are not careful, it can be poisonous,” he said. “Difficult games, such as the final tournament, await us.” “There is a long way to go and a lot of work to do to successfully hold such games,” he cautioned against complacency.

Still, Coach Hwang was pleased with the fact that today’s game was the ‘first win’ for the entire Korean team participating in the Asian Games. He said, “I felt a little burdened (since it was Korea’s first game), but I am glad that I was able to give good energy to the entire team,” and added, “I hope that our entire Korean team will perform well with today’s victory.”

Meanwhile, Korea will play the second match of the group stage against Thailand on the 21st, two days later.

Coach Hwang said, “We will do our best in every game and play for victory. “We will do the same in the next game against Thailand,” he said, strengthening his resolve.

Also, amidst the difficult schedule, Coach Hwang mentioned the possibility of using a rotation. He said, “Because we have to rest for a day before playing, we will discuss closely with the physical part. It is difficult to tell everything, but we are thinking about rotating according to the overall preliminary schedule.”

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