De Paul, “Messi spoke as a brother, not a captain” World Cup episode revealed

Reporter Kwak Himchan = There was a reason why Rodrigo de Paul was loyal to Lionel Messi.

De Paul is the number one contributor to Argentina’s victory at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Although he did not receive as much attention as Messi overshadowed by Messi, Argen’s victory was possible thanks to De Paul’s dedication. De Paul started all the way from the first match of the group stage to the final.

Based on his tireless stamina, he energized Argentine’s midfield. But De Paul also had a crisis. According to DePaul’s confession on ‘FOX’, he was injured two days before the quarter-final against the Netherlands. 온라인카지노

His injury in that situation could be a big headache for his team. Then Messi approached De Paul. “Don’t take any risks,” Messi told De Paul. “I’ll take you to the semifinals. I promise.” “At that time, Messi spoke as my older brother, not as captain,” recalled De Paul.

Aargen was able to defeat the Netherlands after a close shoot-out and head to the semifinals amidst Messi’s performance in scoring. ‘GOAT’ Messi kept his promise and earned De Paul’s respect.

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