Dallas Needs New Power Supply After Kemba Walker Released

Dallas Mavericks not playing with veteran guard.

According to reporter Mark Stein of 『The Stein Line』, on the 7th (hereafter Korean time), Dallas reported that Kemba Walker (guard, 183cm, 83kg) would be released.

Dallas picked up Walker early this season. He held on to the condition of not guaranteeing it, but this time they parted ways with him as they decided not to guarantee the contract. Dallas decided not to go along with him as this weekend was the contract transition deadline.

Walker failed to survive this time as well. He was traded from the New York Knicks to the Detroit Pistons in the offseason, but he did not settle for Detroit. He was on a rebuild so he had a different way to go. He negotiated termination of his contract, but it didn’t work out, and Detroit released him. He couldn’t find a team after that, but was called up to Dallas and got his chance.

In the offseason, when Jaylen Brunson (New York) transferred, Dallas suffered a serious backcourt power leak. However, there were no other reinforcements. Among the guards in the transfer market, there were not many outstanding guards, but reinforcement of other positions was not smooth. The saturation of the salary cap also had an impact. Eventually, at the end of the offseason, Facundo caught Campaso but released him prior to Walker’s contract.

Walker appeared in nine games for Dallas. He averaged just 8 points (.421 .250 .810), 1.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists in 16 minutes per game. Compared to his average of 11.6 points last season in New York, he had a poorer season than last season. It is difficult to compare simply because he played as a starter in New York and came off the bench in Dallas, but it is clear that the decline has been prominent since last season.

Since he was released due to signing a non-guaranteed contract this time, there is no remaining contract he can receive from Dallas. However, he still has existing contracts from the Oklahoma City Thunder and New York. He had a two-year, $74 million contract remaining with Oklahoma City at the time of his termination. Walker conceded $20 million of that amount. Because sooner or later he was going to sign a contract with New York.  메이저놀이터

He said his original contract (four years, $140.79 million) ends this season. Following this, he receives approximately $9.17 million from Detroit. After he had his contract terminated with Oklahoma City, he signed a multi-year contract with New York. In the summer of 2021, New York signed a two-year, $17.9 million contract with Walker. He was traded after one season, and since he was released from Detroit, he gets the remainder of his contract from Detroit. 

But the problem lies after. Walker could be headed somewhere new during the season with a 10-day contract. However, it is not expected that it will be easy to sign a new contract after this season as he did not survive this time either. Even in Dallas, his performance has grown somewhat, so he has no choice but to win a new contract. He may not even be able to snag the team’s third point guard spot through the lowest salary.

At least, if the ransom is reduced to the minimum annual salary, it can help the growth of young players in the rebuilding team. However, it is expected that the key will be how much Walker will be interested in encouraging players on the bench and in the locker room, and whether he will be able to do it well. This release has no choice but to be a significant starting point in continuing Walker’s NBA life.

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