‘Competitors are on the rise’ Samsung Life Insurance, whose wings were broken, face another evil spirit in the second half

Shinhan Bank won 2 consecutive victories against Woori Bank. It was tied for third place with Samsung Life Insurance.

Before the season, Shinhan Bank, which was expected to fiercely fight in the quarterfinals in terms of objective power, performed better than expected from the beginning, and won the 4th round match against KB on the 25th of last month to gain an advantage in advancing to the playoffs. did. And now we are looking even higher.

The uneasy side is Samsung Life Insurance.

Samsung Life, who finished the first half alone in 2nd place, has already been overtaken by BNK, and now allowed Shinhan Bank to tie. It is fatal that Lee Joo-yeon and Kiana Smith suffered knee injuries in the last game of the first half and were out for the season.

Samsung Life, who finished second in the first half, set the goal of winning third place by accumulating as many multipliers as possible in the remaining games. It still holds the 3rd place, but the flow is not good.

Caught up too quickly. It is not 3rd place, but 4th place, which is the final line of the playoffs, cannot be guaranteed.

There are 9 games left, and the ride with 5th place KB is 3 games. It’s not an easy schedule to flip, but the difference in atmosphere in the second half is too big.

BNK, who finished second, recorded 3 wins and 2 losses after the All-Star break, maintaining a similar win rate to before the break. Shinhan Bank, which lost 2 to the leader Woori Bank, is on the rise with 3 wins and 1 loss. KB went one step further, winning 4 matches. Samsung Life Insurance is the only team among the six clubs that has failed to win a single win since the All-Star break.

Samsung Life’s lack of support in the second half has been going on for several years.

In the 2020-21 season, Samsung Life Insurance was fighting fiercely for third place with Shinhan Bank. Samsung Life Insurance, which was competing for the ranking by one game, lost 5 consecutive games with the last 7 games left, and broke away from the competition for 3rd place. The last two matches were won, but the standings were already decided.

After being pushed back in the ranking fight, there were suspicions that the league was being sabotaged to arrange physical strength in preparation for the playoffs, but Samsung Life Insurance protested at the time, saying, “Even though we are doing our best in the current power, our performance is not enough.”

This controversy disappeared as if snow melted as Samsung Life Insurance created a ‘Miracle of Spring’ and won the championship match. However, the following year, Samsung Life’s lack of support appeared again.

Samsung Life secured a 50% win rate while BNK and Hana 1Q were sluggish in the early stages of 1 win and 9 losses, and kept 4th place, the final line of the playoffs. It was 4 games behind 5th place. They sent Kim Han-byul, who was the MVP of the championship game, but at least there seemed to be no problem in advancing to the playoffs.

However, it gradually lost its power. Rounds 3 and 4 ended with 2 wins and 8 losses, and BNK caught up with them. While the team with 1-9 recorded 11-9 and gained strength, Samsung Life, which recorded 6-14, left the stigma of being the first defending champion to be eliminated from the playoffs.

The second half of this season is also not good. It’s already 5 losses in a row.

Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank are tied, and the pursuer, KB, is also a more likely target for Samsung Life Insurance, with a 2-3 loss and -5 goal difference, than Shinhan Bank, which has a 1-3 loss and -32 goal difference. 토토사이트

It is a tough fight for Samsung Life.

Shinhan Bank, which gained momentum by catching the leader Woori Bank twice in the second half, and KB, which is recovering its power as Park Ji-soo gradually improves its condition, are on a clear upward trend, while Samsung Life Insurance has no sharp rebound elements.

First of all, escaping the losing streak is an urgent priority. And Shinhan Bank, KB and the remaining 3 matches, you need to get as many multipliers as possible.

The reasons may be different, but the lack of support in the league operation for three consecutive seasons can be a chronic disease of the team. It is not a situation where Yoon Ye-bin, Lee Ju-yeon, and Kiana Smith will return from injuries and young prospects will only look to a rosy future.

Instead, you have to keep the ride you earned in the beginning, even if you hold on with your gums.

If you are a professional with a tradition, consistently classified as a strong team, and still evaluated as having the widest player base in WKBL with a shallow base, you will have to somehow overcome the worst situation of overturning 7 out of 13 games.

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