Cho Seong-Hoon “Jokichi is a player with a lot of innate talents”

“Why would you say that fast and athletic players have an advantage in basketball? Same with height. It is because players who have the element unconditionally have many advantages over those who do not. Basketball as a sport for life is a fun sport that everyone can enjoy, but there are elements of inequality among players. Even if you learn the same thing, there may be a difference in your talent to do better, but the aforementioned speed, athletic ability, and height are largely influenced by innate parts, so you can’t do it artificially.

” ) is showing interest in the West match-up between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Conference Finals. It is because of Denver’s leading star, Nicola Jokic (28‧211cm).

“When he was a former player,메이저사이트 he dreamed of growing up while watching the NBA, but as he gets older, he doesn’t seem to watch that much. So my fan heart clock is stopped at Michael Jordan, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, and Reggie Miller. But I think Jokichi is very interesting even to those who don’t know the league these days. He talks so often around me that I’m watching him as well, but heh heh… There are many times when I laughed out loud.”

From the point of view of Cho Sung-hoon, who liked the Jordan era, the confrontation between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat is of a high level, but not to the point where he can feel the change in trend. This is because both teams have a classic matchup, with swingmen named Jayson Tatum and Jimmy Butler playing the ace role. On the other hand, Denver and Lakers are a little different. LeBron James and Anthony Davis of the Lakers are players with considerable uniqueness apart from their skills, and Yokichi is adding specialness to them.

“I feel the importance of speed and athleticism throughout my leadership career. There were some serious players. He wanted to learn more, and he had good learning ability. However, my feet were slow and I had a lot of regrets in my athletic ability. As a result, he learned something and installed it on his body, but he couldn’t use it. He’s good at knocking opponents off with fakes, but his movements aren’t fast enough, so he can’t quickly move on to the next move. As a result, there are often cases where the defender who was fooled blocks his way again. The same goes for defense. Even if you can figure out how your opponent will move in the matchup, you can’t keep up with your feet, so you

miss it even if you know it.” However, it is also true that there are many times when most of them have to accept it as an unavoidable reality. In that respect, many people are surprised and amazed when they see a player who sometimes has such a weakness but does more than offset it with other strengths.

“To be honest, when I look at Jokichi’s play, I think I was impatient with the parts I thought and knew. When it comes to things that people are born with, they often point out speed and athletic ability. But it wasn’t. I felt that there are players who are born with a very special BQ who can play well enough that it does not interfere with their play even if they lack such things. Yokichi must be like the final boss of that part.”

Yokichi’s cleverness shines even more in that he knows his strengths and weaknesses and can solve them by maximizing them. First of all, Yokichi is big and powerful. This part works as a big advantage. In recent trends, big men who run well and have shooting ability are in the limelight, so there are fewer so-called big men 4-5 times. Jokichi may not be able to move as fast as them, but when matched up he can use his size to harass him.

“In the sports world, there is a so-called match. Each of them has different strengths and weaknesses, so they are fluttering against a certain player, but their skills are relatively lower than that player, but they struggle against other types… , A big man with a special play style like Yokichi is inevitably different from many other big men, but I think he uses the difference or compatibility that comes from that part well.”

Yokichi has a good eye for reading the flow of the game and capturing the timing. The play that easily scores points with only light movements without particularly large movements proves this. In addition, it is an analysis that it is more difficult for the opponent because the field of vision is wide and the ability to put accurate passes in the eye-catching space is excellent.

It’s not that fast, but it’s not that slow either. Like the so-called monstrous big men, they can’t cross the court and do a tremendous slam dunk at the speed of a guard or swingman, but they can instantly speed up to participate in a cut-in play or successfully face-up a play. Cho Seong-hoon said that the Lakers defensive tactic of blocking Jokichi at the end of the first game reminded him of the matchup between Ham Ji-hoon and Ha Seung-jin in the past.

“When the water was rising, I think Ham Ji-hoon’s post-up was an object of fear from the opposing team’s point of view. Like Jokichi now, he wasn’t as fast or athletic, but his play of pushing the opponent heavily and flexibly stepping on it to take away the center of gravity was truly excellent. Although his heyday has passed, I remember that Kim Joo-seong also suffered a lot. However, there was an opponent that Ham Ji-hoon could not attack at all, so it was Ha Seung-jin. Basically, Ham Ji-hoon was a style of pushing his opponent with his body and using techniques, but Ha Seung-jin was not pushed. There was so much difference in height that I couldn’t get a shot that I tried awkwardly.”

Of course, there is no player in the NBA who can overwhelm Jokic with size or size. It is correct to say that most of the players who are overpowered are outclassed. However, like Hachimura Rui (25‧203cm) in the first game, you can delay the start of Yokichi’s attack just by holding out in a physical fight to some extent. As a result, the timing for other players, including Anthony Davis (30‧208cm), to enter the help defense was secured, and as a result, Jokic had no choice but to suffer.

“What I feel while watching Yokichi is the fact that nothing is impossible in this world. He’s small, slow, and his lack of athleticism puts him at a disadvantage in many ways. However, the world is not unilaterally unfair. There will definitely be weapons you have. If you know it and use it well, I wonder if you can develop your own competitiveness. I also intend to guide juniors with a more open mind.”

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