‘Can dunk’ Lonzo Ball “I’m still in pain, but…”

Lonzo Ball’s knee, which was also raised as a possibility of a season out, is recovering little by little.

On the 15th (Korean time), Lonzo Ball uploaded a video of himself playing basketball in a gym on his social media account.

In this video, Lonzo Ball showed off a two-handed dunk after dribbling once, raising expectations.

The 15th marks exactly one year since Lonzo Ball played his last NBA game. Lonzo Ball has not played at all since the January 15, 2022 game against Golden State. 메이저놀이터

Lonzo Ball, who underwent surgery on his left knee at the time, worked hard to recover and rehabilitate afterwards, but underwent arthroscopic surgery as his knee pain worsened in the fall before the season opener. Since then, as news has spread that Lonzo Ball’s knee condition is very serious, it has been said that he will be out for the season and that his career will suffer. In fact, Lonzo Ball hasn’t played a single game this season, and the timing of his return is unclear.

Chicago manager Billy Donovan spoke about Lonzo Ball’s knee condition in a recent interview with local reporters.

“If you ask Lonzo Ball if he has knee pain, you can tell he’s still feeling discomfort in his knee,” Donovan said. “But it’s not quite as painful as it was six weeks ago.”

Donovan added, “Lonzo Ball is now able to run on the treadmill, run a little, jump and dunk, and the pain in his knee is gone.”

If Donovan’s explanation is true, Lonzo Ball may still need some time before he can compete at the NBA level. However, fortunately in the meantime, the knee condition, which was known to be serious, is still slowly improving.

Chicago is 19-23 and is currently ranked 10th in the East. Lonzo Ball’s void is being filled by young guards such as Ayo Do-mu and Kobe White. We don’t know when the ball will return, but if it can come back at the end of the season, it will definitely help the team.

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