‘BBC Octopus’ Sutton “Rashford? Any defender would be judged offside”

 During the 2022 Qatar World Cup, BBC critic Chris Sutton, who became famous for his tweezers predictions, such as being sure of Korea’s turnover in the round of 16, ruled that Manchester United’s first goal in the Manchester derby held on the 14th was obviously offside. claimed to have been mistaken.

Manchester United, led by manager Eric Turnhagh, scored an equalizer by Bruno Fernandez in the 33rd minute of the second half and a reverse final shot by Marcus Rashford in the 37th minute of the second half in the 2022/23 season English Premier League round 19 away match held at Old Trappert in Manchester, England on the 14th. Jack Grealish scored the opening goal in the 15th minute of the second half to beat Man City 2-1.

With the victory that day, Manchester United became 12 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses (39 points), closely chasing second-place Man City, who could not advance from 40 points.

However, there is a controversy over the decision over Manchester United’s come-from-behind victory in the derby match, so the aftermath is expected to be tough. It is because there is a counterargument that Rashford committed an offside foul during Fernandez’s equalizer.

Casemiro stabbed a penetrating pass near the half-line for the equalizer. 온라인카지노

The pass went to Rashford, who ran forward despite being in an obvious offside position.

Rashford continued to sprint around the ball, but his feet did not touch the ball. At this time, Fernandez ran from behind and kicked with his right foot from the side of Rashford, sending Man City into the net.

At first, the referee canceled Fernandez’s goal by declaring Rashford offside, but soon after receiving protests from Manchester United players and reviewing the video, it was concluded that Rashford’s body was not in contact with the ball and did not participate in the play. Judgment, conceded a goal again.

Then, this time, Man City players ran to protest.

In this regard, Sutton evaluated Rashford’s action as an obvious offside.

He said, “Man United had a great result, but Rashford should be seen as involved, such as interfering with play,” he said. “Any defender in the world would think that Rashford was offside at that moment.”

It means that Rashford’s actions are related to the ball even if his body is not in contact with the ball, such as taking a shot-like motion around the ball when Casemiro passes.

With this goal, Man United turned the game that seemed to be lost to the starting point and even achieved a come-from-behind victory. It seems that there are not a few people other than Sutton who claim offside, so it is noteworthy how the result of this goal judgment will affect the premier league game this season.

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