‘Batting average of 0.125’ Former Hanwha O’Grady “It was so bad…I think it was natural to be released”

“I have nothing to say. I was just too bad.”

On the 31st of last month, foreign hitter Brian O’Grady, who was released from the Hanwha Eagles, revealed his thoughts in the KBO League.카지노

O’Grady is a highly anticipated hitter even at the time of his signing.

He was evaluated as “an outfielder with long hitting power” based on his record of hitting 15 home runs for the Seibu Lions in Japan last year.

But his grades were disastrous. He had a batting average of 0.125 (10-for-80) with 8 RBI and 3 runs scored in 22 games this season. In particular, his strikeout rate reached 50% (40 times) and he did not post a single home run.

O’Grady appeared on a YouTube channel on the 22nd (Korean time) and said, “I have very good memories in Korea. The Hanwha Eagles fans were kind to me and welcomed me. The passionate support was impressive.”

“I have nothing to say about the release. I was too bad. Every time I played, I lost my confidence,” he said.

Praise continued for pitchers in the KBO League.

O’Gredi said, “Kiwoom Heroes’ Ahn Woo-jin throws a really good ball. He’s a competitive player.” He also evaluated Moon Dong-joo and Kim Seo-hyun, who were teammates with Hanwha, as “pitchers with the potential to advance to the major leagues.”

Finally, O’Grady said, “I left a very disastrous record. I’m sorry to the Hanwha fans. I will keep the good memories.”

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