‘Ball Judgment’ Robot referee ..’High School Baseball Practice’

The robot referee, which is being implemented in the second team game of professional baseball, will be introduced to high school baseball starting this year.

the ball thrown by the pitcher enters the catcher’s 메이저놀이터mitt, a strike is declared with a mechanical sound.

When it was introduced in the second team game of professional baseball three years ago, it took about 3 seconds to be delivered to the referee, but now it has become almost the same time.

Starting this year, a ‘robot referee’ system will be introduced in high school baseball.

It will be implemented immediately before the round of 16 of the tournament next month.

The Korea Baseball Organization expects that the strike zone can be adjusted immediately according to the height of the hitter to prevent controversy and corruption in the entrance exam.

However, it is unknown whether the system will be established.

In today’s demonstration, there were cases where the referees raised objections to the machine’s ball judgment, and the players’ opinions were mixed.

[Kim Hyun-jae/Daejeon High School Pitcher]
“I think the pitcher will be at a disadvantage when facing batters (because the strike zone of the machine is narrow). I think it will be fair because both the opposing team and our team use the same zone.”

[Lee Min-kyu/Daejeon High School catcher]
“I think he didn’t catch the low ball (with a strike). I think it’s good because I can focus on my play without empathizing with the referee.”

The KBO plans to increase the number of robot referees used in 65 out of 625 games for the second group last year to 100 this year, but opinions are divided on the accuracy and necessity of introduction.

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