Autumn rain is falling across the country again today… There is no reserve date, but the game schedule is very emergency.

 It rains non-stop to the point where you wonder if there has ever been a season with such frequent rain. Additionally, with fall rain predicted across the country,소닉카지노 the KBO League is having difficulty organizing the schedule for the remaining games.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that heavy autumn rain would fall nationwide from early morning on the 20th. It started raining this morning, starting in the metropolitan area, and rain clouds were expected to spread nationwide, including the southern region. Rain continues until the 21st. The problem is the KBO league schedule. On the 20th, the KBO League will be held against NC-Doosan at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul, against LG-KT at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, against Lotte-Hanwha at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon, against SSG-Samsung at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, and against Kiwoom-KIA at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju. The battle is scheduled to unfold.

However, cancellation due to rain is inevitable. The worst case scenario is that all five games are canceled due to rain. It is not easy to plan a spare day. Among the five games scheduled to be held on the 20th, the one for which a reserve day can be immediately scheduled is the Suwon LG-KT game. The match between the two teams can be scheduled on October 2nd. However, the remaining four games are not easy, so it is inevitable that they will be organized later.

The KIA Tigers, who have played the fewest games, are in tears. As of the 19th, KIA played 120 games, the fewest among the 10 clubs. The opposing team, Kiwoom Heroes, played 133 games thanks to the advantage of using Gocheok Sky Dome, the only dome stadium in Korea, as its home stadium. There is a whopping 13 games difference from KIA. Kiwoom has quite a bit of leeway in its remaining game schedule, but KIA does not. The game has to be played without a single day of rest, and with additional rain falling, organizing KIA’s game schedule is the biggest challenge.

However, you cannot play the game recklessly. Due to the recently accumulated number of games canceled due to rain, double headers, and the burden of Monday games, game supervisors and referees are showing a willingness to wait as long as possible to proceed with games. Otherwise, you may have to play real ‘winter baseball.’

However, in Daejeon recently, the game was restarted after waiting as long as 204 minutes, which resulted in strong criticism for concerns about players’ injuries and unreasonable management, so this also cannot be ignored. It’s a situation where you can’t do this or that.

The KBO, which is in charge of the schedule, is also having a headache. We are considering various options, such as holding games of teams that are not related to advancing to the postseason in parallel with the postseason, but it is not easy to make a decision as the battle for rankings this year is becoming more intense than ever. If this continues, the Korean Series may last beyond mid-November, which is a risk because they have to form a national team for the APBC (Asian Professional Baseball Championship), which will be held at Tokyo Dome in Japan on Nov

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