‘Asian Tiger’ Ulsan begins its conquest of China starting with the Pathum match… Coach Hong Myung-bo: “We will bring the desired results” [ACL]

“We will do our best to bring about the results we want.”

Ulsan Hyundai will play the first match of Group I of the 2023-24 ACL group stage against BG Pathum United at Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium on the 19th 소닉카지노(Korean time).

I remember Ulsan and Pathum meeting two years ago in the 2021 competition. At that time, Ulsan only played away games and won both games 2-0, showing their superiority.

Of course, Pathum is not an easy team. This season, they are on a 2-win, 2-draw, undefeated streak. This is a situation that is not easy to see as Ulsan has recently been experiencing a downward trend.

The following is the full interview with Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo and Cho Hyun-woo.

Q. Determination for the game.

Coach Hong Myung-bo_ First ACL game. The opponent is a very good team. We met two years ago, and several players remain. We are in the middle of the season. We will do our best to continue the good trend not only in the ACL results but also in the upcoming K League.

Jo Hyun-woo_ The much-anticipated first ACL game. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope both teams have fun and finish well without any injuries. In every home game, many Ulsan fans come to the stadium and support us, and we will bring both performance and results.

Q. Comparing Pathum’s past and present strengths in a head-to-head match after two years.

Coach Hong Myung-bo_ The game two years ago was away. There are still some players who played against each other back then. I think we are in a better position now with good players joining us. The competition will now be played home and away. In that sense, we will definitely win the first game at home.

Q. Do you think the recent league trends will have an impact on the ACL?

Coach Hong Myung-bo_ They are stagnant in the league. On the contrary, ACL wants to turn the game into a game that can lead to an upward trend for the rest of the league. I will make sure to win so that we can have a good trend until tomorrow’s game and the match against Suwon FC and Pohang Steelers.

Q. You have played against Pathum in the past. What kind of team do you remember? He was not present during the 2020 championship. Personally, I think my aspirations are greater.

Coach Hong Myung-bo_ I was proud when Ulsan won the Champions League. I was proud to be a member of Ulsan. It’s motivation for every game. I met Pathum two years ago, but I think they are a good team. I analyzed it well while watching the full game. We will do our best to bring about the results we want in tomorrow’s game.

Q. As a coach, you seem to be eager to win the ACL.

Coach Hong Myung-bo_ The first year, we stayed in the semifinals, and last year, we stayed in the preliminaries. Last year, I had a clear goal so I didn’t mind. Of course, the season is coming to an end. ACL starts anew. It is a different form from before. Next, it is an important game as the first game to start next year’s season is the ACL. It is important to calculate these aspects well and pass the preliminary rounds that will be held until this year. As a leader, participating in ACL is a good and honorable thing. It’s a different type of season, but I’ll do my best to achieve good results.

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