Ansan Greeners recruits 4 players including Kim Young-ho from Seoul E-Land

Ansan Greeners FC (owner Lee Min-geun, hereinafter referred to as Ansan) recruited Shin Min-ki (DF), Joo Jae-hyeon (MF), Kim Young-ho (GK), and Hong Jae-hoon (DF).

The Ansan club recently announced the recruitment of four players through a press release. Shin Min-gi, from the K4 League Jungnang Soccer Team, is the center of the team with his dedicated play based on his vigorous activity, and has strengths in build-up based on stable kicks and passes. Shin Min-gi, who is evaluated as a player who manages the game stably, took the captaincy of the Jungnang Soccer Team and showed excellent leadership and communication with the team.

Shin Min-ki said, “I am so happy to join Ansan Greeners. I will do my best to become a helpful player by integrating well into the team this year.”

Joo Jae-hyeon was born in Daedong Elementary School, Mokdong Middle School, and Air High School, and has been making a name for himself since he was in Daedong Elementary School. Since then, Joo Jae-hyun, who played an active part in the Paju Citizens Soccer Team, boasts excellent ball possession as a player whose strength is passing and linking play in the midfield.

Joo Jae-hyun said, “I am very happy and excited to become a pro for the first time through Ansan Greeners. I will always work hard to live up to expectations as much as I have been given a good opportunity.” 카지노사이트

After graduating from Sangji University, Kim Young-ho joined Seoul E-Land, and then was loaned to the K3 League Chuncheon Citizens Soccer Team, where he accumulated experience playing regularly. Kim Yeong-ho, who weighs 192-86kg, is a goalkeeper resource with excellent aerial ball handling and stable kicking power.

Kim Young-ho expressed his determination to join the team, saying, “It’s really an honor to join a professional team again after 4 years. Joining Ansan is new and exciting. I will repay Ansan fans with my performance.”

Hong Jae-hoon joined Ansan Greeners in 2017 and stayed with them for three seasons, then accumulated experience through the K3 League Yangju Citizens Soccer Team, Siheung Citizens Soccer Team, and K4 League FC Namdong. As a wingback resource, he has excellent creative passes with accurate kicks and wide range of movements, and his strength is his ability to penetrate space.

Hong Jae-hoon said, “I am so grateful to come to Ansan again, and I will work hard as it is a difficult opportunity to come.”

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