Achievements of Changwon LG, first 5 wins in a row + 2nd place alone

Changwon LG’s performance was clear.

Even at the beginning of the season, LG suffered from the ‘win-lose-lose’ pattern (?). I could hardly ride the flow. Since they haven’t made it to the playoffs in the last three seasons, this could act as a factor for LG’s anxiety.

However, LG was on the rise from the 3rd round. LG, which has been on the rise, has achieved more than expected. 2nd out of 10 teams. We got the conditions to enjoy achievements beyond the playoffs.

# Diversified number of people available

LG’s base power was not bad. The triangular formation consisting of Lee Jae-do (180cm, G), Lee Kwan-hee (191cm, G), and Asem Marey (202cm, C) was a combination that was not pushed by the opponent. This is because the offensive power of the back court and the fight under the goal of the big man are combined.
However, the competitiveness of supporting resources has declined. So, LG coach Cho Sang-hyun focused on expanding the number of people available. That was the reason why Yoon Won-sang (180cm, G) and Lee Seung-woo (193cm, F) were used a lot at the beginning of the season.
That kind of effort was revealed as a result from the third round. Justin Gutang (188cm, F), Kim Jun-il (200cm, C), and Dante Cunningham (202cm, F) demonstrated their power as the second unit. Lee Jae-do, Lee Kwan-hee, and Marey showed a different charm. The team facing LG had to prepare two big frames. I couldn’t help but be confused. 바카라사이트
Also, an unexpected figure named Jeong In-deok (196cm, F) appeared. With his height, shooting ability, defensive power, and grit, Jeong In-deok has become a new vitality for LG. Several vital factors boosted LG’s strength. LG has become a different team than before. In addition, the fact that Lim Dong-seop (198cm, F) newly joined Seoul Samsung could also work as a good news.

# Home winning rate

There is something that LG coach Cho Sang-hyun said throughout the season as if it were a habit. He was “so sorry to the home fans”.
why did you say that LG’s away game record is excellent with 11 wins and 2 losses, but this is because their home performance is poor. In particular, they lost all of their last 3 home matches. LG’s home game record for the 2022-2023 season is 6 wins and 10 losses. Not even 40%.
LG’s remaining home games are 11. If they cannot improve their home win rate, it will be difficult for LG to secure second place. Moving on, I can’t guarantee that LG will advance to the playoffs.
There is also a limit to maintaining the away game win rate. This is because it is a factor and variable that is largely unrelated to performance. Also, assuming LG takes the top seed in the playoffs (of course, it’s early), LG should improve their home win rate. First and foremost, as a team playing professional sports, winning at home will be an important task.

[Changwon LG, match results after round 3]
1. 2022.12.10. vs Suwon KT (Changwon Indoor Gymnasium): 69-81 (lose)
2. 2022.12.11. vs Seoul Samsung (Changwon Gymnasium): 77-55 (Win)
3. 2022.12.16. vs Daegu Korea Gas Corporation (Daegu Indoor Gymnasium): 80-69 (win)
4. 2022.12.18. vs Goyang Carrot (Changwon Indoor Gymnasium): 79-73 (win)
5. 2022.12.22. vs Wonju DB (Wonju Gymnasium): 100-72 (win)
6. 2022.12.24. vs Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation (Anyang Indoor Gym): 79-73 (win)
7. 2022.12.26. vs Jeonju KCC (Changwon Indoor Gymnasium): 85-101 (lose)
8. 2023.01.01. vs Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (Changwon Indoor Gymnasium): 73-77 (lose)
9. 2023.01.05. vs Seoul Samsung (Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium): 79-68 (win)
10. 2023.01.07. vs Goyang Carrot (Changwon Indoor Gymnasium): 64-73 (L)
11. 2023.01.10. vs Seoul SK (Jamsil Student Gymnasium): 85-61 (Win)

 * 7 wins and 5 losses in 12 games from the 3rd round

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