A good rest for the baseball team is also a strategy… Only two days left to rest

Reporter Jang Hyeon-gu = The Korean baseball team, which is trying to advance to the semifinals in the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC), which opens on the 9th of next month (Korean time), took a sweet break on the 18th.

Representative players, who had been warming up at the spring camp of professional baseball clubs in the United States, Japan, Australia, and Guam since the end of last month, gathered on the 15th at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA, where the national team’s training base camp was set up.

The national team teamed up for a day and played their first practice match against the NC Dinos on the 17th and won a pleasant 8-2 victory.

Representative players from SSG Landers, Kiwoom Heroes, LG Twins, kt wiz, KIA Tigers, and NC Dinos who trained in the US, such as Arizona and Florida, adapted without difficulty due to jet lag and climate, but they were not affected by other club players who moved from far away. Rest days were like medicine.

Players belonging to the Doosan Bears (Australia), Lotte Giants (Guam), and Samsung Lions (Japan) had to endure long flights from their spring camp to Tucson via Seoul.

It was not easy to adjust to the time difference, so even after being called up to the national team, he suffered difficulties.

Although it is only a day, it is expected that players from outside the United States will show off a much improved condition if they relieve their fatigue.

With the countdown to the opening of the tournament, there are only two days left for the national team to rest.

From the 19th, the national team will finish the Tucson joint training with three days of training and one day of rest.

On the 20th, the second practice match against KIA, followed by kt on the 23rd and 25th, and LG on the 27th.

The 22nd and 26th between them are the final holidays that the national team players can enjoy comfortably.

After that, a forced march with virtually no days off continues. It is a time when a high degree of concentration is required, so the body becomes more tired.

The national team will return to Korea on the morning of March 1st, adjust to the time difference in Korea, and start practice the next day at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

On March 3rd, SSG and the national team will have their 6th practice match, and on March 4th, they will finally go to Osaka, Japan.

March 4 is the official call-up day for each country’s national team set by the WBC Organizing Committee.

The national baseball team will have official training at Nippon Professional Baseball Orix Buffaloes Stadium in Osaka on March 5, and will face off against Orix and Hanshin Tigers in succession on March 6 and 7 for the final preliminary exam for the WBC finals.

After the match on March 7th, they head to Tokyo, Japan, where the first round of the WBC Group B finals will take place, and on March 8th, they will have official training at the Tokyo Dome.

The first round of the WBC finals between Korea and Australia will be held at noon on March 9th.

During the first round of the Group B finals, which runs until March 13, the day without Korea’s game is March 11. 온라인카지노

In other words, after the last rest day for convocation training on the 26th of this month, the next day to breathe is 13 days later.

During this period, the national team flies 6,941 miles (about 11,168 km), including Tucson – Los Angeles (440 miles) – Seoul (5,981 miles) – Osaka (520 miles). From Osaka to Tokyo (distance 497 km), travel by Shinkansen.

Therefore, resting well on rest days has become an important strategy to achieve the goal of the semifinals.

National team coach Lee Kang-cheol asked for a sense of responsibility, saying, “Take a break like a national team member.”

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